Saturday, 1 May 2010

May Listing Challenge!

Mad Mayhemmers!

Happy 1st of May everyone! Have you danced around your May poles today?

This month, following from the fun and frolics of the Folksy Foolers, we have a new Folksy listing club for May, and after a forum discussion and vote, we agreed to call ourselves the Mad Mayhemmers, as we felt keeping the link to being mad and foolish to attempt the challenge was most appropriate!

There are a few vetran Foolers in the bunch, but also a whole new wing of mad gang members from the Folksy asylum that want to get involved. Hopefully over the next, .... gulp .... 31 days .... wow! .... I'll manage to list something from everyones Folsky shop!
My first listing for the month of April was this has knitted and crocheted meadow green, fully lined handbag, with up-cycled wooden bead and leather shoulder strap.
Mad Mayhemmers Treasury!
Six items from my fellow Mad Mayhemmers for your viewing pleasure.

Please click on the pictures to be taken the these lovely peoples folksy shops!
The list of the shops taking part in this months challenge, as far as I am aware at the moment, is as follows. It may alter, if colleagues pop in and do listing catch up, if they missed the first day or two, what with it being a bank holiday weekend, and some people are lucky enough to have a life and may have had plans, unlike me obviously!
We also may have a few folsky crafters who would love to join a Mad May whimp or limp along club, and list occasionally, in the spirit of the Mad Mayhemmers, some of their work will also be included in the blogs as we get into our stride with promoting each other!


  1. Hey Natalie! Thank you so much for featuring my earrings, you're such a sweetie! I promise that once I've moved, I will get back to blogging about us all again! C. xxx

  2. Thanks even so much for including my vintage journal cover. Hope we all have a successful month. Sue xx

  3. Thankyou for featuring my bracelet, here's toa good month.

  4. Lots more lovliness.
    I am away for a week but thinking of having a bash after we're back.
    I have to pray for some sun to take some pics first.
    Christals Creations.

  5. You're all quite welcome. I hope it brings lots of views and hopefully sales to us all!

    Christals Creations, it will be lovely to see you when you get back from your break. Hope its somewhere nice and sunny!

    Natalie x

  6. I would love to join your group for mad may, but on dollysemporium, have you seen my new black necklace, love you to put that on sometime


  7. Hi Natalie, thanks for doing this. Its brilliant!

  8. Hi, I have done mine today for the 1st time - 4 days worth! Could someone let me know if my treasury is okay please as I am new to this!!

  9. Pongo! Not been on the forums much so missed Aprils and Mays sign up!? Will have to keep an eye out if you're doing similar thing in June- would love to be involved!?

  10. Could you add me to your list please? Also I am using the list to access the shops of other Mad Mayhemmers, is this the updated list or should I see it elsewhere.