Friday, 28 September 2012

Folksy Friday - Roman Holiday!

Roman Holiday!

My husband and I have just booked a city break to Rome, which I am really excited about!!!!!

It was supposed to have been for his 50th Birthday and also to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary, but time slipped by, there were family events, which stopped us booking our treat, but I was determined to get it booked up before this special year was done, and so we are all set for going now!  YAY!

So in my celebratory and excited mood, I felt a Roman themed Folksy Friday might be in order and have scoured the seven hills of Folksy, to find some gorgeous Roman themed and inspired items to put in the Arena today!

These wonderful gladiators will not fight with each other though, they are happy to pop each other on a pedestal for us all to admire and wonder at!

Please recline on your cushions, get you personal serf to peel you a grape and enjoy my Roman Folksy finds by clicking on each picture to be transported back in time, or flown to classical climes!

Thank you so much for allowing me to indulge in my Roman Holiday and I hope you have enjoyed my Folksy Friday Arena!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Angels and Fairies!

I Do Believe in Angels and Fairies!

There was a time we all believed, usually between the ages of 2 and 12 years old, then something goes amiss, we grow up, its suddenly not cool to admit to believing in the wonders of magic and fairy dust, but for some of us, a little bit of the magic remains, especially when we have children of our own and we enjoy seeing the wonder and joy in their belief.

Special times come at Christmas, when a child loses a tooth or even on birthdays, we have tooth fairies, Christmas Angels, flower fairies and in our house we have a wind fairy, but that is something all together different and a topic for another discussion!

Those of us who are Folksy Crafters and Artisans, also believe in a sales fairy, a mystical creature who brings Folksy sales to our doors and we often try to tempt her to stay with cakes, the odd tipple and chocolate, but in my case she seems to be on a diet!  LOL!

So in honour of these whimsical mystical creatures, I have a Fairy and Angel Folksy Feature Gallery for you.

Please tap your wand on the pictures and in a twinkle of fairy dust, you'll be transported to the magical abodes of these fairy and angel inspired creations.


I do hope you're feeling inspired and maybe filled with child like wonder and have enjoyed my whimsical mood and blog today!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Christmas in September!

Ho Ho Ho!  Merry Christmas!

Might seem early to be focussing on Christmas, but crafters listing items now in their shops will find them delisting after Christmas, so in some points, we are already missing some of the Christmas listing time!

I know I am not alone in already having done some of my Christmas shopping, in fact I tend to buy throughout the year and hide it away, problem being I often forget who I have already bought for, which can cause a bit of gift buying duplication, but I can always put it away for another occasion.

The high street shops are already getting into gear too, you only need to look at the shelves in your local supermarket to see the tins of Christmas biscuits and choccies to know Christmas is well and truly on its way.

Folksy Festive Features!

So to give some fellow Folksters a pre Christmas boost, here are a few festive items to get the bauble rolling!

Please just click on the pictures to take a sleigh ride to their shops, to see the item in all its Christmas glory!

I hope you have enjoyed my early Christmas in September Feature and feel inspired too!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

September Sellers!

The Start of the September Sellers!

The August Augusteers have rallied and finished the August daily listing club off with a flourish, ending up with a collective sales tally of 219 sales, with the ever lovely Shirley  of WhimsyWooDesigns with a wonderful personal tally of 13 sales. 

So now we are officially in Autumn and we have started the month and season positively, by calling this months daily listing club the September Sellers!

Lets hope it is a sales filled month for all involved, indeed there are already some sales on the collective tally, so fingers crossed this is a good omen.

September Sellers Gallery!

To commence the month, I thought it would be lovely to pick some of my favourite items to show you from the first two days of September, please just click on the pictures to be taken to the Seller and item in question.

Aren't they all gorgeous?!?  I do hope you agree and will visit them in situ in their shops!

Thank you!