Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Valentino's! Todays Favourites!

Folksy Valentino Favourites.

Just wanted to share with you some of my favourite listings, on this quiet and rainy Sunday, from the Folksy Valentino's daily listing challenge club.

So no real theme, other than that these items spoke to me with their beauty.

Please click on the items to be whisked to Folksy shop in question for further pictures and full details.

The first is one of my own listings today, a prestige carved agate keyring or handbag charm.

A beautiful ACEO!

A simply stunning ring! Structural and gorgeous multi gemstone ring.

Unforgettable 'Forget-me-not' ACEO!

Practical and Gorgeous Coasters.

Double Love in Ceramics.

I hope you have liked my choices today.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Folksy Friday! Eleven!

All things Eleven!

Yesterday was my little girl's eleventh Birthday.
(11 going on 31 me thinks!)

And I put out an obscure request for Folksy peeps to show me their items associated with the number eleven and here are some of the inventive and well thought out responses to my odd enquiry.

Please click on the items to see their full details and visit the shops in question.

A beautiful pearl and onyx sterling silver wire wrapped ring, with 11 mobile onyx beads snaking across the top of the pearl.

A very retro looking long silver plated necklace with 11 loops.

How about some elevenses!

Eleven wonderful dinosaurs on this Bangle.

Legs Eleven anyone?

Eleven stars front to back on this lovely little purse.

This sweet little birdie measures 11cms in length!

And eleven gorgeous semi-precious gemstones in this necklace.

My Daughter's Folksy Birthday!

As my daughter is very crafty (in more ways than one), a jewellery designer, card maker, yarn crafter and such like, I decided that a folksy birthday is just what she would adore, so below are some of the gorgeous presents she received from Mummy, Daddy and her two big brothers and if you click on the pictures, you can visit the lovely shops that created her wonderful gifts.

Thank you for taking a peek at my obscure Folksy Friday blog this week.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

Stylish Blogger Award.

Being the Dingbat that I am, I have only just noticed that the lovely Dottie of Dottie Designs, very kindly afforded me the honour, of being one of her nominations for the Stylish Blogger Award, for which I would like to thank her most graciously!

Dottie is a wonderful Lady, a tireless crafter of wonderful albums, memory boxes, card and all sorts of wonderful items for all occasions.

I was linked alongside some wonderful blogs and to see who Dottie had nominated in her list of 15 blogs, besides myself, please click here and also read the latest Dottie Blogs.

Stylish Blog Award Rules!

Now, to follow the rules of the nomination, there are a few things I have to do, so here goes.

1. Thank the person and include the link for the nomination, which I have done and very pleased to do so.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

Well, this may be a little boring for peeps, but here goes anyway!

a. I'm married to a lovely man, who is also my best friend, with three wonderful children!

b. I'm 44 years young!

c. I hope to be able to retire to Cyprus with my hubby, once the children are grown and settled.

d. I should have been born on Christmas Day, but I kept my poor Mummy waiting until January, and have been trying to catch up ever since.

e. I float really easily, but prefer to swim under water ... odd or what!?!

f. I could tan under candle light, and am always taken for a local on holidays in sunny climes, causing much confusion when I can't speak the lingo.

g. I have very vivid dreams and can even remember dreams from my childhood.

3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.

This was a tough one, trying not to duplicate blogs already awarded by Dottie, but here goes.

4. And finally, the last thing I have to do, is let everyone know they have been nominated and let them have the details, should they want to spread the Stylish Blog nomination awards further, which I am off to do right this minute.

I hope you too enjoyed my nominations and will spend a little time checking out their blogs.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Folksy Friday! Little Swimmers!

Little Swimmers!

This Friday, I would like to focus on things that swim, be that fantasy or reality, fish or fowl, flapping or flipping! Generally, all things swimmy!

Fish are traditional on Friday after all, but didn't want to leave out some other sea dwelling creatures, so included some of my favourite finds on Folksy.

There was a great variety to choose from, so my 'Folksy Friday Feature' is in small gallery style, to allow for more entries, please just click on the picture for full size view and full fishy, flipping, flappy, flopping details.

Some of My Own Little Swimmers!

What delicious pictures, I do hope you enjoyed this feature gallery!
If so, please leave a comment and visit some of these wonderful Folkster's shops!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Folksy Friday Awards and Medals!

Long Service and Good Conduct!

My Lovely husband was recently awarded his Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, which he should have recieved a couple of years ago for 20 years service, but as with all things, sometimes they take a while to arrange, and along with some fellow colleagues, he eventually recieved his award in a ceremony celebrating 22 years!

I am a very proud (and long suffering!) wifely! My eldest son and I watched him recieve his medal and listened to the lovely things his colleagues and senior officers had to say about him. Unfortunately my two youngest were in school, but we have some lovely pictures to share with them of the day.

Folksy 'Medally' Gallery

This got me thinking about the long hours, committment and service to crafting we here in folksy give to our chosen vocations and hobbies, so searched out some awards and medals from fellow folksy peeps.

Please just click on the pictures to 'pin' the item to your lapel and view in more detail.

I hope you have enjoyed my Folksy Friday feature this week and will 'award' it with a comment or two.

Thank you!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Busy Little Bees!

We had a cold, but beautifully bright day in Berkshire yesterday and the first of my delicate crocuses popped their pretty mauve petals through my lawn, such a joyous sight and made me long for the buzz and industrious sounds of the bumble and honey bee's, which to me are one of the true delights of summer.

The Bumble bee in particular that defies science and gravity to be able to fly, just goes to show that mother nature knows best and rewards those with an industrious nature and goodness of heart.

Buzzing Gallery!

So I buzzed around in the shops of some of my fellow folksy peeps, to search out some sweet little bumble and honey bee inspired creations to share with you.

Please just click on the pictures below to buzz across to the hive of activity and full details of the items of your choice.

Personal Hive of Activity!

I have a couple of bumble inspired items myself, yarn creations both fun and useful, just like the bumble bee itself.

I hope you have enjoyed my buzzing feature blog today!