Friday, 30 March 2012

Wear a Hat for Brain Tumour Day!

The lovely Sophie of Imogen's Imagination is supporting the 'Wear a Hat for Brain Tumour Day' to raise funds for this very worthy cause, so to help in my own little way, I am trying to raise some awareness and will be wearing my own hat today, as will my son's and daughter, but then again, the boys in particular hardly ever have a hat off their heads, but donations will be made all the same.

To find out all the details here is the FB url link.

Here is my daughter in a hat!

Hat-tastic Gallery!

Now if you don't already have a hat, there are many, many, many to choose from on Folksy, all unique and designed by British Crafters and Artisans.

These hats are just gorgeous and suit babies to ladies, encompassing all styles and tastes, in a variety of materials and colours.

The shops featured are not actively taking part in raising funds for Wear a Hat for Brain Tumour Day, other than Sophie's Shops, but regardless they are gorgeous hats, I am sure you will agree.

I have chosen them to show the wide variety and talent available by British makers, so please take some time to visit each shop by clicking on the picture.

A little Gallery of my own, crocheted goodness from little me!


And something for the babies, fun and quirky, I hope you agree!

Structured hats in crochet, just beautiful as well as practical!

Something a little more formal for those very special occasions!

I hope you have enjoyed my hat-tastic gallery today and will be inspired to Wear a Hat for Brain Tumour Day, please check out the Facebook link, it is such a worthy cause.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

New Baby Cards!

One of our own, Jacqueline of JAustenJewelleryDesign is in hospital right now having her baby, poor love has been waiting 9 months and two weeks for this baby to arrive, but she had obviously made a very comfy home for babe, so much so it has yet to show an appearance.

We're all waiting eagerly to hear whether she and her husband have a new lovely baby girl or boy to add to their family and her two little sons are very excited too!

So whilst we're waiting, here are some newborn congratulations cards to suit either a baby boy or girl, please click on the picture to be taken to the shop in question.


I hope you have enjoyed my baby card collection and when we know more about Jacqueline's baby, I'll update to say what she had.

Baby Update!

Jacqueline has kindly allowed me to announce that she had a bouncing baby boy, named Lewis on Sunday evening, at a whopping 9lb 13oz, those who know Jacqueline will understand what a feat that was for her, she's only a little lady.

Jacqueline and Lewis are staying in hospital for a few days, Lewis has a little infection, nothing to worry about, they just want to monitor him for a couple of days, and at least it gives Jacqueline a little time to rest and recuperate before being thrown back into the hectic life of Mummy to three little boys!

Love to Jacqueline and her Lovely Husband at this happy time!

Friday, 23 March 2012


Firstly, apologies to those people with butterfly phobia's, but this blog is full of them today!

Such a lovely warm day yesterday and today, that it put me in mind of summer and then I saw three or four bright yellow butterflies, that I knew immediately that my Folksy Friday blog had to be a Butterfly gallery.

Flutter of Butterflies!

A Flutter is the collective name for a group of butterflies, how appropriate is that!  So here is my flutter for you to enjoy!  

Please click on the pictures, to land on the blooms in question where these butterfly creations have settled for us to enjoy.  There you can take in the full details and see each creation in all its glory.

I hope you have enjoyed my gallery today, I tried hard to choose something from differing mediums and with differing uses, so there might be something for everyone here, but such a hard choice as there were so many butterfly items to choose from on Folksy.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Birthday Love!

For My Sister-in-Law!

My lovely Sister-in-law has just had a birthday, 21 again!  And she has a great love for horses, so have decided to give her a post birthday blog featuring lots of horse inspired items!

Horse Gallery!

Please click on the pictures to clip clop over to the shops where these lovely horses are stabled.

The very first item in my Horse Gallery is very similar to the item I sent her for her birthday.

I hope you have enjoyed my horses with and without riders, and feel inspired to steeple chase across to the shops at a full gallop!  

Well I think that's enough horse puns from me.  Thank you for getting in the saddle for my blog, sorry there was just one more in me!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Folksy Friday! Bumble Bee!

Busy Buzzy Bumble Bee!

I have been super busy over the the last few days, with work, raising my family and my husband's 50th birthday, so it has been all rush, rush, rush and it made me feel just like a busy bee, and in many ways I am very similar, industrious, round and soft looking, in no way designed to look like I could fly and occasionally get angry enough to sting!  LOL!

So in honour of my alter ego this week, the lovely bumble bee, I have decided to dedicate my Folksy Friday to them.

Buzzy Bee Gallery!

Ooo, that rhymes!  LOL!

Please click on the pictures below, to buzz across to the hives in question, where you will get all the honey you need.

I hope no one minds me adding two bee inspired items of my own.

Thank you for stopping by and buzzing along with me!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Cushion Love!

Textiles for the Home!

Cushion Love!

We have a large variety of cushions in our home, used for comfort, to snuggle, to rest laptops or feet on, or just to soften the hard edges of our furniture.  

I like my cushions big and soft, but to be honest the ones in my living room are quite safe and boring to look at, so wondered what cushion-tastic finds I could locate on Folksy .... well .... popped the word 'cushion' into the search facility and 4040 results came up!

I am not alone in enjoying a lovely cushion then!

I could not show 4040 wonderful cushions for you, so have chosen just a few to show case!  I have chosen these just because they are beautiful, fun, or for the amount of work that has gone into them.  
I am sure there are many more just as wonderful on Folksy, so I suggest you get a cuppa, get comfy on the sofa, snuggled into a cushion of course and trawl through the 4000+ items listed.

If that seems a little daunting, then please take a look at the ones I have chosen, just click on the picture and it will take you to more information and even more wonderful pictures.

I hope you feel rested and have enjoyed my textile cushion love today.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Goodbye February, Hello March!

Another Month has Flown by!

Where does the time go?  I know February is the shortest month of the year, but even so, it seems to have flown by in a flash!  

And with another month departing, we have to say goodbye to the February Fruitcakes, the daily listing club for last month, and hello the March Makers, the most voted for name for the daily listing club for the whole of the month of March!

Even with the current economic climate, February Fruitcakes were a source of sales for its club members, with a collective reported total sales on Folksy of 364 sales.  We know there were sales elsewhere, on line through other shopping outlets, and off line with personal sales, which we celebrated together, but did not add to our months sales tally.  So well done to all the Fruitcakes!!!!

The March Makers, a very apt name for the month, are off to a good start, with 8 reported sales already on day one!

We are hoping for a marvellous, magical and materialistic, in the nicest possible way, month of March!

So in a materialistic mood, I have some wonderful yarn and fabric items to show you today, please just click on the pictures to see them in all their glory!

I hope you have enjoyed my choices today and if you are interested in seeing more wonderful items on a daily basis, come and visit the March Makers over on Folksy!