Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Birthday Love!

For My Sister-in-Law!

My lovely Sister-in-law has just had a birthday, 21 again!  And she has a great love for horses, so have decided to give her a post birthday blog featuring lots of horse inspired items!

Horse Gallery!

Please click on the pictures to clip clop over to the shops where these lovely horses are stabled.

The very first item in my Horse Gallery is very similar to the item I sent her for her birthday.

I hope you have enjoyed my horses with and without riders, and feel inspired to steeple chase across to the shops at a full gallop!  

Well I think that's enough horse puns from me.  Thank you for getting in the saddle for my blog, sorry there was just one more in me!


  1. Thanks very much for featuring my stained glass horse. Love from Joy on holiday with the grandchildren in Oz xx

  2. What a lovely pack of horses & thanks for featuring my pendant!

  3. A wonderful selection. Happy birthday to your Sister in Law.


  4. fabulous horsey things! send on my Birthday wishes... x!

  5. Thank you for featuring my Little horse card in this lovely selection!

    Debbie x