Thursday, 1 March 2012

Goodbye February, Hello March!

Another Month has Flown by!

Where does the time go?  I know February is the shortest month of the year, but even so, it seems to have flown by in a flash!  

And with another month departing, we have to say goodbye to the February Fruitcakes, the daily listing club for last month, and hello the March Makers, the most voted for name for the daily listing club for the whole of the month of March!

Even with the current economic climate, February Fruitcakes were a source of sales for its club members, with a collective reported total sales on Folksy of 364 sales.  We know there were sales elsewhere, on line through other shopping outlets, and off line with personal sales, which we celebrated together, but did not add to our months sales tally.  So well done to all the Fruitcakes!!!!

The March Makers, a very apt name for the month, are off to a good start, with 8 reported sales already on day one!

We are hoping for a marvellous, magical and materialistic, in the nicest possible way, month of March!

So in a materialistic mood, I have some wonderful yarn and fabric items to show you today, please just click on the pictures to see them in all their glory!

I hope you have enjoyed my choices today and if you are interested in seeing more wonderful items on a daily basis, come and visit the March Makers over on Folksy!


  1. Thanks Natalie for including my Summer Tote. Very nice blog. I have a feeling that March is going to be pretty special - let's hope I am right!! Edwina

  2. Natalie thanks so much for including my little weekender. Here's looking forward to another great month:)

    Leanne xx

  3. A lovely selection. Thank you very m,uch for including my wristies, much appreciated.


  4. Thank you Natalie for showing my scarf! Lovely blog!

  5. That Summer tote is just gorgeous - and so many pockets to fill with stuff! Shaz x

  6. thank you so much for featuring my all purpose bag from the Sophie's Stuuf shop :o)

    i cant believe its march already...where DID february go?


  7. Beautiful selection of items this time Natalie. Lovely post!

    Emma X