Monday, 31 May 2010

Gold Medal Day!

Mad Mayhemmer Finale!

Gold Medal Day!

The Mad Mayhemmers has come to an end,
But we Mad Crafters will ever be friends!
To list an item a day has been tough,
But we mad band have been good enough!
To stick it out through thick and thin,
To complete the challenge and the gold medal to win!

Personal Mad Mayhemmer Mini Treasury!

Marathon May had come to an end, and on this finale day I have listed agate gemstone earrings in the shape of little green goldfish, finished with 925 marked sterling silver fitments.

Mad Mayhemmer Gold Treasury!

As this is the final day, I feel it only fair to list something from everyone posting in the Mad Mayhemmers today! As they are all deserving of attention!

NOfkantsCurios maxineveronica13 Squintessential talkingbeads Mild
ButtonsandBeadsGifts MushyMakes STEAMPUNKSTORM
Melaniezine whimsicalwrenjewellery SwirlsAndSquiggles Christals
LondonFogg ForestFlower LemonadeAndLamingtons LisaHafey
DeborahJonesJewellery vintagedreams starsNscars jcu shop

Some Mad Mayhemmer Thoughts!
I asked my Mad Fool friends if they had any final thoughts they would like to say about being a Mad Mayhemmer, good or bad and two of them kindly wished to contribute!
The lovely Maxine from maxineveronica13 said:

"I have loved being a Mad Mayhemmer, I have made so many new friends, and it has helped me to focus on my shop and be more creative. Making and listing 31 different items in a month was certainly challenging, but I have enjoyed every minute."
This is Max's favourite listing in May!

The lovely Melanie from Melaniezine said

"I opened my shop on the first of May found the Mayhemmers and joined in. It's been great fun, a lovely bunch of talented crafters that always list a beautiful, unique, diverse array of designs. Well done everyone for all of the fantastic listings during the MM challenge ♥"

This is Melanie's favourite listing in May!

The strange and blog addicted Natalie (i.e. me) said:
"I have really enjoyed being a Mad Mayhemmer, making new friends and feeling part of something bigger and part of the folksy family! I have certainly seen an increase of views to my shop and have also been lucky enough to have a few sales, always a bonus! Thank you everyone that made this challenge so enjoyable!"

This was one of my favourite listings for May, I adore the fresh green colour and combination with the upcycled leather and wooden bead belt as a strap.

Mad Maymemmer Success Sales Tally!

NOfkantsCurios x 7, ButtonsandBeadsGifts x 2, DeborahJonesJewellery x 1,

starsNscars x 7, Mildunkey x 7, STEAMPUNKSTORM x 17, clairezcardz x 3,

vintagedreams x 8, TinyGemsJewellery x 1, maxineveronica13 x 4,

talkingbeads x 3, jcu x 2, Christals x 2, whimsicalwrenjewellery x 13,

Lisa Hafey/Lemmonadeandlamingtons x 3, MushyMakes x 5, sweetpyroangel x 5,

LondonFogg x 4

Sunday, 30 May 2010

30th Day of Challenge!

Penultimate Challenge Listing!

Silver Medal Challenge Post!

Gosh! I can't believe it is the 30th of May! We have ALL done so well!
Some of have listed every day! But not all of us have managed this, some have caught up with multiple listings on other days, and some have not, but it was a personal challenge, we knew it was going to be tough, but it wouldn't be a challenge if it was an easy thing to carry out. The main thing is that the challenge was attempted and has been successful for many of those who stuck at it.
Tomorrow, with permission from the Mad Mayhemmers, I will post a tally list of sales and some quotes on the experience of being a Mad Mayhemmer!

Mad Mayhemmer Treasury!

I have done a larger Mad Mayhemmer treasury than the normal six, so as to capture the entries today as we lead in to our final day tomorrow!

As you can see there is a wide choice from the Mad Mayhemmers, something to suit anybody! Please click of the pic, to take a closer look at the product and the sellers shop!

Personal Mad Mayhemmer Mini Treasury!

I listed another knitted and crocheted handbag today in 100% cotton yarn, with the addition of an external little pocket, both the handbag closure and the little external pocket have vintage leather button closure.

This handbag has been both knitted and crocheted in horizontal textured pattern without casting off and as the yarn is cotton, it is hard waring! I have fully lined this handbag in white 100% cotton material, to make it more usable and durable, the little external back pocket is not lined and might be suitable for a slim style mobile phone!

If you are in the market for a handmade handbag, please pop over to take a closer look!

Thank you!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

29th Day of Challenge!

Eurovision Listing!

In honour of the Eurovison contest earlier this evening, where the UK came in at, .... wait for it .... last place! With a full 10 points! At least we made it into double figures!

Mad Mayhemmer Eurovison Treasury!

We have a heart for the full on love fest that is the Eurovision, a sparkle glitz crystal necklace, in honour of all the light and sparkle on the evening in Oslo and large dangle earrings in honour of those that were worn by the lady presenters!

We follow this with a blue theme, for our all time lowly last place!

Some clockwork mechanism, to portrait the tight timescale of the songs and voting system, some unique beads, to symbolise that each country brings a unique song to the competition and butterfly earrings in honour of the wonderful butterfly dresses and song from Belarus, which were a show stopper as far as my 10 year old daughter was concerned!

Personal Mad Mayhemmer Mini Treasury!

Today I listed a Bamboo Jasper Heart shaped keyring / handbag charm with a heart shaped split ring, so two hearts for the price of one!
If you feel you can support our Mad Mayhemmer Euro listings today, please click of the picture for a closer viewing and look at the rest of their shops!

Friday, 28 May 2010

28th Day of Challenge!

Bronze Medal Day!

In our reverse countdown, we are on day 3! Which means we are in bronze medal position in our list an item a day challenge!

And I do feel we all deserve a medal after this marathon challenge!

I was very lucky to be the feature of a Love Fest Folksy Friday written by Maxine and collaborated on by many of the other Mad Mayhemmers!
I was truly touched by the kindness shown! Thank you Peeps!

Mad Mayhemmer Treasury!

To give back some love today, I am going to feature something from everyone who listed today! And feature the shops of everyone who made a comment on the thread today! So a larger Mad Mayhemmer Treasury than normal!

Personal Mad Mayhemmer Mini Treasury!
Today I listed a romantic ladies crocheted camisole style top! A bit of a labour of love, literally took me months to complete at my snail pace of crochet, so much as I love the finished item, I will not be attempting to make another.... ever!

Please take a look at my lovely folksy friend's and family's shops, they are certainly worth a visit and I am sure you will find stunning crafts to suit all tastes!