Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Day Mad May!

May Polers!
Have you managed to get your vote in on this Election Day?
Whether your answer is yes or no, how about checking out some items from the Mad Mayhemmers and choosing a favourite from there!
This was my item today, my latest hand knitted and crocheted handbag and for the eagle eyed of you out there, you may have seen this handbag before! It was used in another very important vote ... it contained all the names for my Handbag Give-away Competition, as modelled by my daughter!
Fellow Mad Mayhemmer Ballot Paper!

Please show your support this election day and vote ... for a Mad Mayhemmer!


  1. Really lovely items today Natalie, thank you for working so hard on this. Its really fantastic.

  2. ooh thanks ever so much for featuring my lil' doll amongst the other beautiful items!