Friday, 21 May 2010

21st Day of Challenge!

Dual Theme for Friday!

Having had a festive theme yesterday, I thought we should continue and with Father's Day being just around the corner, many Folkster's are popping Gifts for Dads in their shops!

Now, I don't know about you peeps, you are probably all much more organised than I am, but I have to think of ways to remind myself when certain of the more commercial dates are approaching.

The way I remember when Father's day is approaching is that it always falls close to my Mum's Birthday, by happy coincidence for me Mother's Day falls close to my Dad's Birthday.

Therefore today's theme for me is Father's Day gifts, Gifts for Mum and celebrating in general!

My listing today is a full polished ammonite fossil keyring, which could also be used as a handbag charm, so suitable for either a lady or a gent.

Mad Mayhemmer Treasury!

Superb Father's Day Card, Map Coasters and wonderful fabric bunting!
So that's Dad and the celebration covered! accidentalvix LemonadeAndLamingtons

And for Mum, who loves green and jewellery, I have chosen a stunning beaded bracelet and necklace and a butterfly Birthday card!

If you have gifts to find for any Dad's, Mum's or anyone else, then check our these ladies shops!


  1. Thanks for the feature :) xx

  2. Thank you for featuring my card and again some really gorgeous goodies :)

  3. Hi Natalie,

    Another great day of listing.

    Really not sure whats going on with my computer but it won't let me upload images to folksy!

    It's really frustrating because blogging is fine (touch wood) anyway hope to join you all tomorrow.

    Thanks for advice on FF blog and glad you liked it ♥

  4. Thankyou for featuring my necklace

  5. Another fab selection. Well done you. xxx