Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Handbag Giveaway!

The Handbag Giveaway Competition Has Been Decided!

I started a blog competition, that once my blog following number reached the lofty heights of 100, one blog follower, who left a comment, would win one of my hand knitted and crocheted handbags.
I had a lovely response, with 27 competition entrees!
I apologise to all the folksy crafters', who had to put up with numerous forum threads pleading for followers, this was because I had a wonderful, but very excited 10 year old pestering me day and night! Never agree to allow a 10 year old girl to be involved with a competition you are running!

Once she was told she could be involved with helping to choose the winner, I did not get any peace! Bless her, we had ... "How many follower's now Mummy?" ... "Read all the comments again." ... And the classic "Are we there yet!"

She came home from school today and guess what she wanted to know first!
I was pleased to tell her that we had surpassed 100 followers, so she got herself prepared and settled in the conservatory to select the winning entry!

Cutting up paper slips for all the entry names!

Carefully writing out the competitors names!

Folding up the names, so she could not cheat and placing them in one of Mummy's handbags!

Selecting a name, being careful not to peek!

And the Winner is!

.... (Trumpet fanfare) ....

Chantal of Hotdogandme fame!

In advance, I have contacted Chantal to let her know and to find out which handbag she would like to have as her prize. She has chosen Aqua Magic!

The Handbag will be winging its way to the home of Hotdogandme first thing in the morning!


  1. Well done Hotdogandme!....Natalie, looks like so much fun and excitement in your house this afternoon and very fairly done to thanks to your special helper!!!..

  2. So jealous!! What a gorgeous colour! I hope it's not an anti-climax for your daughter now the excitement is over!

  3. Thank you, I am so excited to win :) Say a big thank you to your daughter too, she did a wonderful job :D Off to tweet your blog and my win, thank you again.

  4. Good work Miss Ofkant! I bet Chantal will have trouble keeping HotDog out of that lovely handbag! x

  5. I will, he can be a total terror sometimes

  6. My little girl is not in school tomorrow, her school is a poling station!!! So she will also be invloved with posting Chantal's gift to her! How's that for full involvment!

    Natalie x

  7. Hi Natalie,

    any chance you could knit an evening bag, but in black and gold with a strap that goes over your head, so if I go clubbing, thats a laugh!! I wouldn't have to leave my bag anywhere, can you let me know

  8. Bonnie, I have just seen your comment!

    I am happy to have a play, email pics to you and if you like it fantastic, if not, then I can pop it on folksy, so no worries, no obligation to buy! I've emailed you via Folksy!

    Natalie x