Saturday, 22 May 2010

22nd Day of Challenge!

Officially on the Countdown!

We are now in single figures countdown until the end of May!
So this is Day 9 of the count down!

Today was a special day, I listed these Tibetan Silver Ammonite style earring with Sterling Silver hooks, and they literally flew out of the window!
I would like to thank Susie of susiej for the very prompt purchase!
Just for information, Susie is selling items in her shop and a large proportion of the overall purchase price is going straight to the charity CRY.
Please! Please! Take a peek at her folksy shop and help out her support such a worthy cause!

These are Susie's Earrings!

So ... I got a little rush of blood and listed a second item, a beautiful multi-coloured Agate Gemstone keyring or handbag charm.

Mad Mayhemmer Treasury.
It was such a beautiful day, with wall to wall sunshine, and the Mad Mayhemmers prepared very feminine items for display and sale today!

A wide variety of gifts to suit every lady!

We're due another beautiful day, and Sunday will live up to its name for once, so please bring a little sunshine to these lovely Folksters by visiting their shops!


  1. Lovely things today in your pick, love those bags:) Well done for selling those dear ammonite earrings so fast.

  2. Congratulations on your sale yesterday Natalie and thank you for featuring my stationery box

  3. That was quick lol -Congratulations on your sale.

    Thank you for adding my colourful listing♥

  4. I am amazed, still, that I am stil here!! I did not know I had it in me!!!

  5. I think we're all doing so well!!!!

    On the countdown now!

    Natalie x