Thursday, 23 September 2010

Poppy Folksy Friday!


Its that time of the week again! Folksy Friday!

This week I have been taken over by floral creations, on hats and as corsages, and one in particular took my fancy, the simple poppy. I created a Sweet Poppy Hat, which looked so cute and I was asked if I could created a mini version, which I did quite happily, and hopefully it will keep a precious babe warm and stylish this winter.

Following this I went in to Poppy overdrive and created Corsage after corsage, the one below is the only one listed so far, which features a vintage glass button at its centre.

But I am not the only artisan on Folksy inspired by the poppy, and here are a few of my faves for you all to enjoy. Please just click on the picture to be taken to thier shops for a closer inspection.

A stunning scarf by Sue of LynwoodCrafts.

Beautiful almost geometric badges by Lynsey of SwirlyArts.
A Pretty poppy card by the artistic Indira of ialbert.

A Beautiful Necklace by the lovely Jennie of Whimsical Wren.

And to complete the six items featured a stunning card from the talented Dawn of Lilly's Night Garden.

If you have been 'Popperly' inspired, please visit folksy an these shops!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

September Stars! Day 19!

Assemble an Ensemble!

I have had a very creative day today and personally got a little carried away and designing, creating and listing an ensemble in blue and green yarn, so decided to feature blues and greens from my fellow stars to compliment my fanciful nature today.

Five Fave Features!

Please just click on the pictures below to be taken to these lovely September Star's shops, for a full perusal of their lovely creations and materials, that they have assembled for you.

A beautiful cosy smokey blue mottled scarf from Bliss Knits.

Beautiful Reversible Mossy Blob Earrings from Squintessential.

A show stopping Apatite and sterling silver pendant from JAustenJewelleryDesign.

A vibrant Green Pandora Butterfly Bracelet from Infiniti Jewellery.

Sparkling Aqua Facetted Rondelle beads from Bead Cornucopia.

Personal Stellar Ensemble Gallery!

My flight of fancy started with the handbag, that actually took me many, many hours to complete, but once I had listed it, I felt the need to carry on, and crocheted the cloche style floral hat, and then a complimentary floral corsage too.

My little girl decided pose with the bag and hat together!

Getting a head in life!

Then completing the ensemble with a floral corsage!

Thank you so much for humouring me in my excitement in designing and creating an ensemble, but of course they do not need to be work or utlised together.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Folksy Friday 'Get an Eifel of Paris!'

Eiffel Hopes!

My 12 year old son has gone to Paris for the weekend, on a school trip as part of his French lessons, to experience the French language in situ, so to 'parler' (speak), what is the betting that he will come home having gained no more french Vocabulary, but having enjoyed the experience all the same.

He was a little disappointed yesterday, as he came home with a letter from school to say, as there had been a 'hoax' bomb threat in the vicinity of the Eiffel Tower, the planned trip to the tower would now not go ahead, this is one of the things on the itinerary he had been really looking forward to, so with this in mind, I have Eiffel Towered to the max for him.

Please 'Regardez' the items below and by clicking on them, to take a virtual tour of all things Eiffel Tower!

No matter what you may think of the French, you have got to love the majesty of the Eiffel Tower and the romantic nature that Paris inspires.

Bon Voyage my Baby and have a good weekend in France!

September Stars! 16th Day!

Nat's Folksy Half Birthday!

I joined the wonderful Folksy in March and today some of my unsold items, that I had listed on my very first day, delisted all by themselves, having had their quota of time in the lime light, so it is officially my folksy half birthday today!

At the start of the day I was feeling a little blue, knowing that a few items would disappear from the back pages of my shop, so much so that I listed three blue coloured items today, however, such is life that two of those item sold practically as soon as I listed them, how exciting was that?!?

What a wonderful Folksy Half Birthday gift!

Blue Star Five Fave Features!

But blue is also a colour of hope, hope for a lovely day, clear and fresh, or warm and full of summer promise and I am not alone in listing blue items within the stars, so here are some blue items for you to enjoy!

Please just click on the pictures to breeze across to the Star's shops for full details and a more in depth view of these items.

Personal Stellar Feature.

My one remaining item listed today is this patchwork style knitted and crocheted handbag, with light coloured wooden handles and toggle button, and a lattice style crocheted shoulder strap.

This handbag has a large internal space so ideal for everything we ladies carry about, including the kitchen sink!

If you are in market for something blue to brighten up your day, then look no further, folksy will have everything you need and something to suit every purse or preference.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

September Stars! 11th Day!

Opposites Attract!

And you can't get a more defined opposite than black and white!
To me black and white is the perfect combination, crisp, modern and true. When I think of black and white, it brings to mind the written word, knowledge and a marriage made in heaven!

Five Fave Features!

Today I have chosen to feature five sellers that have not been on my Stars blog so far this month and choose one of their black and white items for you to 'read all about'!

I hope that the black and white items I featured from these Stars today, will 'attract' you to their shops. please just click on the pictures for a closer inspection of these items.

Personal Stellar Treasury!

I have been a busy girl and listed more than one item a day, due to up coming work commitments, I wanted to ensure that I could be sure to have enough items listed in lieu, just in case I have a day when I have less time to list.

So please take a quick peek at my little stellar treasury below, and by clicking on the pictures, you will be able to read, in black and white, the full items descriptions in my folksy shop!

Thank you!

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Folksy Friday! Trees!

Wonderful Majestic Tree's.

At this time of year, with leaves starting to fall, we see tree's in a differing light, stripped bare and ready for a winter snooze.

Displaying a differing quality of Majesty and solemn, benign power.

I am a bit of a tree hugger, just call me Swampy!

I have found some wonderful tree inspired items on folksy, ranging from stunning photography to images created in various mediums and materials with tree's as focal point.

Deciduous and Evergreen, you gotta love tree's.

Why not 'branch' out and take a closer look at some wonderful items in the folksy 'family tree'.

If something has caught your imagination within these items, it would only be natural. Please just click on the picture to be taken to these lovely Folkster's shops for a closer inspection and enjoy the wonder of trees in all their glory.

Thank you!