Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Autumn Gemstone Give Away Winner!

Give - Away Time!

Thank you to everyone who entered, I had 25 wonderful peeps take part in this Autumn Gemstone Give-away!

As it is an autumn give-away and my children had been helping their Daddy on the garden yesterday, with some serious pruning of the Eucalyptus Tree, they had been collecting leaves, so a similar scattering of the competition entries seemed like a fitting way to decide the winner.

My little girl held all of the names in her hands:

And prepared to throw them into the air, with the aim of catching one, which would be the winner.

Now this seems a pretty easy thing to do, but we did wonder how many attempts it would take until she plucked one from the air.

It was even more difficult to capture on photograph!

She caught one on only her second attempt, I thought that quiet impressive!

Here is the Winner is .... drum roll please!

Hannah of Lonely Hearts!

And just in case you thought we generally throw rubbish about in our garden, my little girl collected all the remaining pieces of card up to go in the recycling bin.

She had a fit of the giggles, as she asked me why I was photographing her picking them up and maybe I might like to help, and I told her that if she was going to throw card all over my garden then she had to pick it up!

Cruel I know, but what are children for if you can't enjoy yourself teasing them every now and then.

As soon as Hannah lets me know which Gemstone Keyring / Handbag charm she would like, I will pop it in the post to her!

Thank you everyone for taking part!

Winning Item!

Hannah asked me to choose an item for her, and I felt if only right to involve my little girl in the choice, she read Hannah's email and blog comment, carefully looked at all my displayed shop items and said, "The lady has mentioned this one twice Mummy, so she must like it best of all."

And The Winning item chosen by my Daughter was.....
The African Bloodstone Gemstone Heart Keyring / Handbag charm

Well done Hannah, I shall post it to you first thing in the morning.


  1. Looks like your daughter had great fun!

    Well done Hannah! Do tell us what you decide upon.

    Jacqueline x

  2. Fab giveaway - I missed it!! Well done to Hannah and what a fab way to pick the winner :)

  3. Thank you, and yes she did enjoy it, and its a good thing she has a great sence of humour, her Daddy and I love pulling her leg, and her brothers too, but they're not so gullible now and click on really quickly, giving as good as they get.

    Natalie x

  4. Aww weldone Hannah! Lucky girl :-D xx

  5. wow what a fab way to win! that looks like such a fun way to pick a winner! and im so happy it was me!! thank you! will message you now. x

  6. That did look fun, I doubt I'll be able to come up with such a novel way to pick a winner!

  7. That was really great. It made me smile as she was obviously having fun.Well done to Lonely Hearts.

  8. Congratulations Hannah!

    What a great way to pick a winner, you're making me look lazy for using