Sunday, 28 March 2010

Purple Passion!

Spring is in the Air!

I have noticed that I seem to be creating and listing a great many purple themed items! Which is strange, as I not really a very pink or purple person, I can only assume it is that Spring is in the air!

(Purples Galore, Hand Knitted & Crocheted Handbag with vintage glass Button)

Handbags, Handbag charms and Keyrings all with more than a hint of purple, heather or lilac tones.

All my items are unique - complete one offs, from the simplest scoobie keyring,

To more substantial and Glamourous Semi precious gemstone keyrings, with gold or silver plated findings,

The three shown below are

'Pink Dream Leaf Agate Carved Keyring',
Lavender Jade Eternal Keyring
Rhodonite Pear shaped Keyring.

Not all are listed as yet in my Folksy shop, but will be soon!
Look out for the April 'List and Item a day' challenge.


I have had a special purge on Purple yarns where my handbags are concerned!

All my handbags are completely unique and hand knitted, crocheted and hand sewn by myself.

None are from patterns - as, to be honest, I don't understand patterns! Therefore all from my imagination, so some are very funky and quirky, giving you a look into my imagination!

Inspiration often taken from nature and just playing with yarns to see what develops!

Firstly, Two children's handbags - girls of all ages like their handbags:

(Vertically Regally Fluffy)
(lined with pale pink Cotton)

(Sweet Floral Chenille)
(lined with Shocking Pink Material)

Handbags of all shapes, sizes and styles, for those of us slightly bigger Girls!

Chocolate and Plum Patchwork style with crocheted shoulder strap

Rustic Lilac with woven up cycled handles

Heather Hues with Amber tone Lucite handles

Please enjoy Spring and why not have a purple passion time too!
Please find my folksy shop at:

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Just opened a Folksy Craft Shop!

Welcome to NOfkantsCurios

Natalie Ofkants

I am a crafter with various passions, and the items I produce cover a wide range!

I can be found selling some of my crafts at:

I'm a working Mum who crafts for pleasure and am now turning my free time into hopefully something that might support me in my old age!!! Well one can dream!!!
During April 2010, myself and another group of Folksy crafters are challenging ourselves to list an item a day for the whole month! Phew!!! So look out for a rash of new listings in April and see if we can keep to our challenge aim!

Fossil hunting has been something I have enjoyed since childhood and now the whole family is hooked! Some fossils are so beautiful as they are & ideal for display they need no additional addornment, however I do enjoy creating fossil craft items, such as Keyrings and fossil art.

Working with yarn is so therapeutic and I enjoy creating useful items from wool and other yarns. Therefore I create various unique, one of a kind Yarn crafts, such as Hand Knitted and Crocheted handbag, brooches, baby items and clothing.

Working with semi-precious gemstones, can't afford precious ones, is a natural extension of my love for fossils. Creating gemstone keyrings and handbag charms, gives a viable gift option for those people who it is hard to buy for, or for those who have everything.

Elephant Jasper Heart Keyring

Please check out my folksy shop, which I have just opened and let me know what you think of my items!

Fossil Trilogy Actual Fossil 3D Picture

As this is my first ever blog, I'm looking forward to finding out if anyone out there thinks it is any good!