Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A Team's Final Day!

Last Day of the August 'A Team' Listing Club!

For a traditional quiet month for sellers, the A Team did fantastically well!
At the time of posting this blog, in total the A Teamers had 565 sales.

We had some star sellers, in people like the Wonderful Jennie of Whimsical Wren Jewellery with 55 sales, and the Stunning Susan of DiomoGlass with 53 sales, and the Lovely Liz of The Little Bead Shop who had 55 Sales! Liz had been our super seller during July Jesters, so it is lovely to see that her selling powers continued in August.

There were many other fantastic sellers with large numbers of sales, and some of us with more modest sales, but we all enjoyed taking part!

Signature Items.

I thought I would highlight some stunning signature items that have been listed today, something with 'star' appeal, seeing as that in September the listing club will be known as the September Stars, it felt fitting!

Please click on the pictures to be taken to the sellers shops for stellar tour of their shops!

Personal Mini Treasury for Today!

Today I listed two handbags, in very differing styles, and certainly with a more autumnal feel to them, being as this is officially the last day of summer.

Please take a look in my shop and see if there is anything that takes your fancy, but most importantly, look out for the September Stars, who will have many familiar names in the group, some new names and so old friends returning to the listing club.

Sales Tally for August A Team!

For a full rundown of the sales for the A Team, please go to this link on the folksy forum.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Turtle Power Folksy Friday!


As the Teenage Ninja Turtles used to say "Kowabunga!"

During our holiday in Cyprus, my children suddenly discovered that they had a companion swimming along beside them. Of course they came straight out to let us know and by this time the little chap had swam to shore and was drawing a crowd.

We quickly alerted the beach life guard, who called the Turtle sanctuary. It turned out this little chap had had some sort of a knock, or collision and was a little disoriented, so they took him back to the sanctuary to recover, before being released back in to the sea.

Cyprus boasts the only beaches in the Med where two endangered species of turtle reside, the Loggerhead and the Green Turtle.
So in celebration of our new friend I have decided to have a turtle power Folksy Friday!

And taking a quick look on Folksy for Turtle themed items, I was not disappointed!

My own little addition is this Hematite Turtle Keyring or Handbag charm

Folksy Friday Turtle Treasury!

Please click on the pictures to swim across to these folksters shops for the full details on their wonderful creations.

A beautiful piece of contemporary artwork!

Some cute and adorable turtles in funky tones!

A stunning card that anyone would love to receive!

Too Cute! Functional and Gorgeous at the same time!

Just stunning!!!!

Funky Colours and Aqua Tones!

OK some of these are heading toward the Tortoise, but all have a shell and are super cute!

If you love Turtles, nature or just gorgeous items, please check out these items in more detail.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A Team - 25th August!

Awesome August!

Wow Wee! Nearly at the end of the month!

Unfortunately not weather wise, but for the A Team August Listing Challenge Club! We are now steadily proceeding to 450 sales for the club as a whole, it would be fantastic if we could make 500!

Personal Mini Treasury!

The blood went to my head a bit today and I actually listed three items!

There is no link between them, other than that they are the type of curios I like to dabble and craft in.

Please click on the pictures to get the full information details and to locate them in my folksy shop.

Hat - Tastic!

I noticed the was a definite head gear theme to lots of the listings for the A Teamers today! Not surprising with Autumn upon us and winter fast approaching, so I decided to feature some of the wonderful creations today and give you a 'heads up'. Apologies, that was an awful pun!.

Please click on the pictures themselves to 'bobble' along to these seller's shops, that I have 'banded' together, to whom I have to take my 'cap off' for their wonderful and 'Fascinating' designs and creations.

Thank you peeps! I'm now off to 'Beret' myself in more work! Sorry I promise that was the last one!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

August Give-Away!

Autumn Gemstone Give-Away!

I feel it is time to have another Gemstone Giveaway!

It is easy peasy to get involved, all you need to do:

1. Become a follower, or be an existing follower of my blog.
2. Tell me what your favourite gemstone is and why.
3. Of the items in my shop, which gemstone keyring / handbag charm is the one you would most like to win.

The winning entry will be chosen by some weird and random way, devised by one of my children, at 7pm on the 1st of September.

The Winner will be notified, so make sure I know how to get hold of you, will be announced in the Folksy forum and they will then have the choice of any, yes any gemstone keyring / handbag charm in my shop!

Total Gemstone Madness Mayhem!!!

Sample Gemstone Treasury!

Please just click on any of the pictures to be taken to my shop of curios and peruse the whole range of Gemstone keyrings / Handbag Charms available.

Monday, 23 August 2010

A Team - 23rd August!


The A Team Augusteers are going strong, during this holiday month! Traditionally a quiet month for selling in general, unless you happen to own a tourist souvenir shop! But given all of that, the A Team have already netted over 400 sales this month! Go A Team!

In the Pink!

I have been away on holiday myself, so have missed listing for the first few weeks, and have tried to get back on track by listing a few items a day in an attempt to catch up a little. Here are two of the various listings so far.

A little girls crocheted Aran sleeveless Jacket or waist coat if you prefer, and a Rose Quartz Gemstone Eternal knot keying or hand bag charm.

If you like what you see and would like to peruse the other items I have listed so far, please click on either picture and it will link you to my shop!

A Team Feature Treasury!

I have decided today to feature symbolic or themed items from my fellow A team members.

A wonderful Alice in Wonderland bracelet with an Autumn feel, perfect for this season!

Patriotic ink stamping anyone!?!

Here is something that hits the mark! Aim true and visit this shop!

And for those Twilight fans out there, this necklace is just perfect!

Please click on the pictures to be transported to the wonderful folksy shops where you will be made most welcome!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Summer Holiday Memories!

Cyprus and all Afloat!

We had a fantastic family holiday this year and wanted to make it extra special, as we wondered if this might be it might be the last such holiday where our eldest came with us for the full time, being as next year he will be 18 and probably off with his first friends.

So, we made it a little longer than usual, almost three and a half weeks, and went out to Cyprus to see my parents, who retired there around 12 years ago. Therefore, a real family holiday, children, parents and grand parents!

We spent lots of time on the various wonderful beaches, such as Curium, which has some large waves to play through, good thing my children are more at home in the water than out of it.

Hubby is actually disappearing under the wave as he takes the picture!

And on some more gentle water beaches, for snorkeling and swimming, such as Makronissos, with its beautiful white sand and crystal clear water!

My 12 year old son also found time to qualify as a Padi Junior Diver! So now joins his father and elder brother as an officially qualified diver, able to go to 12 meters in depth; it'll be a little longer until he is old enough to take further Diving qualifications like his brother, or to join his Dad in the depth's of 35 meter's plus.

Here he is with his instructor going through some of his underwater examinations.

And here are some of the new friends he made!

Whilst my Son and Hubby were Diving, my eldest son, little girl and I went sight seeing. This is the beautiful Tekke Mosque in Larnaca, picture taken from across the salt lake, which miraculously still had water in it! It is usually bone dry in August!


During our Holiday, we had an extra special treat, we took a short cruise from Cyprus around some of the Greek Islands, and landed at Santorini and Kastellorizo two beautiful and unique islands!
This is the ship we went on, moored in the harbour at Kastellorizo!

Mum and Dad came with us and it is something we will all remember, but especially the children, we had a superb time and saw some amazing sights.

Santorini is an active volcano, with the centre of the volcano building up again in the natural harbour created when the it last blew its top.

The houses and shops are built on the rim of the volcano and the ships are moored within crater itself, the passengers are ferried in little tenders to the main land.

To get to the top of the rim where the shops and houses are located is in one of two ways, either on donkey or mule up the zig zag path,

or on a cable car, I'm afraid I felt quite sorry for the animals and there was no way I was going to punish them further with my weight.

And the children really enjoyed the ride, even if there was a little screaming here and there!

My little gift from Santorini was two lumps of lava! My Dad thought I was mad and that I should have 'pushed the boat out', but at 600 meters in depth, there was no way I would have been able to do that! LOL!

The second island hop was the picturesque Kastellorizo!

This little island is only 5 square miles, and yet again set within very deep water, the ship actually harboured right beside the little bistro's and houses!

After disembarking, we swam from the bar you can see above, the hexagonal yellow one!

Later we took a stroll around the little harbour town, with some of the narrowest streets you can imagine, just barely donkey width apart! Yes my little girl is posing between two houses, and the wall does indeed arch out like that, stooping donkey path me thinks!

And then went on a little boat to a blue grotto cave, the entrance was so low, we had to sit in the base of the little rowing boat, but once inside the colours of the cave were breath taking and the size within like a cathedral!

Short Blue Cave Video!