Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A Team - 25th August!

Awesome August!

Wow Wee! Nearly at the end of the month!

Unfortunately not weather wise, but for the A Team August Listing Challenge Club! We are now steadily proceeding to 450 sales for the club as a whole, it would be fantastic if we could make 500!

Personal Mini Treasury!

The blood went to my head a bit today and I actually listed three items!

There is no link between them, other than that they are the type of curios I like to dabble and craft in.

Please click on the pictures to get the full information details and to locate them in my folksy shop.

Hat - Tastic!

I noticed the was a definite head gear theme to lots of the listings for the A Teamers today! Not surprising with Autumn upon us and winter fast approaching, so I decided to feature some of the wonderful creations today and give you a 'heads up'. Apologies, that was an awful pun!.

Please click on the pictures themselves to 'bobble' along to these seller's shops, that I have 'banded' together, to whom I have to take my 'cap off' for their wonderful and 'Fascinating' designs and creations.

Thank you peeps! I'm now off to 'Beret' myself in more work! Sorry I promise that was the last one!


  1. Great collection of headgear! Must admit I had to dig out my slippers yesterday due to cold tootsies. Hat wearing wont be far off I'm sure. is it really August? I like your little ammonite. I want to go fossil hunting again!!

  2. I love the gorgonzola scented puns in this :) Hats off to you for finding so many mind bogglingly good hat puns :)

  3. love your fossil keyring, great head wear finds, Its so chilly today, I may need a hat :-)

  4. Ha, enjoyed the puns! That is everyday speak for us here at home! Lovely items, the A-teamers are a very artistic bunch.