Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Fir Green!

Winter Greens!

Time to say good bye to the fresh spring and summer green hues and hello to the deeper, rich tones of the winter fir and holly greens!

I have searched far and wide to select for you some lovely winter greens to go in your home, or to adorn yourself with, I hope you like my selection and will visit each shop for a more indepth view of the item and more wonderful photographs!

Thank you for your time and if you have any spare green folding stuff, go and spend it in these shops, these wonderful items would make the perfect Christmas gift.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Folksy Friday, Fly Away Birdies!

Fly Away Birdies!

As Autumn well and truely takes grip and winter is not far away, I was watching some of the birds gathering and thinking of them flying away to warmer climes and wishing I could do the same too, LOL!

And as the October daily listing club finishes, being the October Owls, and the November club commencing, being November Nexus, (a bonded group) I felt a Folksy Friday to say goodbye to some of our feathered friends might be appropriate.

The October Owls had a very good collective month, reaching just under 700 collective sales, which I think is fantastic during this current financial climate, and November Nexus is gaining its own flock of sales, averaging 20 collective sales a day so far!!!!

My Folksy Friday Flock!

Please come and take up your binoculars and become a twitcher for some of my birdie finds this Friday.

Flying, fluttering or just perching ready to burst into song, I have a mini flock of six birds, or all varieties to showcase today.

Just peck, sorry click, on the picture to be flown to the shop in question, for full details and more lovely photographs of the pretty birdies.

I hope you have enjoyed my Friday flight of fancy and take time to visit the shops and maybe leave me a comment or two.

Thank you.