Monday, 31 January 2011

Flower Power Revolution!

The Wonderful Resolute Revolutionaries of the January Daily Listing Club have had a marvelous collective sales tally, to beat the odds of a gloomy month and the post Christmas malaise, to have a whopping collective tally of 907 sales!

Half way through the month, I estimated, on the sales so far, that we would reach a collective sales tally of around the 600 mark, so to reach over 900 sales is stunning!

So to celebrate our success and to herald the longed for Spring I have a huge Revolutionary Bouquet of stunning floral items from Reso Revos that listed items on the final day of the challenge. I hope you have a large vase for all the flowers.

Blooming Marvelous Bouquet!

Please click on the pictures to 'pick' you flower to view more closely.

Some of my own floral additions to the Bouquet!

My little additions to this blooming marvelous bouquet!

Thank you to all of the Resolute Revolutionaries for making January such a fun and worthwhile experience.