Friday, 7 January 2011

One of My favourite Shops!

A Feature Folksy Friday on one of my Favourite shops!

Not only is this one of my favourite folksy shops, because I love gemstones and jewellery, I own a fair few peices of Jacqueline's wonderful and unique creations, and my hubby has also commisioned some wonderful items for my recent birthday! How lucky am I!

So I want to spread the love and joy and share with you some of the pieces in Jacqueline's shop that are really calling to me at the moment! If only I had deeper pockets!

I have loved being able to showcase some of Jacqueline's wonderful jewellery, and even more owning some, one day I hope to own even more.

Please click on the pictures to speed across to Jacqueline's shop to view these and her other unique and wonderful jewellery creations in full detail.

Thank you!


  1. Wow! I am blushing!! What a great suprise to be featured by you, Natalie!

    Thank you so much. I love creating new pieces and it is only a pleasure to create for you on a commission basis (via Hubby!)

    I hope to make more new and exciting pieces in the near future, which I hope will tempt you and others to pop over to my shop for a look and maybe a little purchase???

    Thanks so much again, Natalie. I am thrilled to have been featured.

    Love Jacqueline x

  2. This is my very favourite shop on Folksy! I too own quite a few pieces of Jacqueline's and I treasure every one of them. Her designs are amazing and the quality is always excellent. Can't recommend her highly enough! So glad you've devoted your blog to her Natalie as she so deserves it. Of your choices my favourite is the ring, totally gorgeous!:)

  3. Good stuff! Beautiful pictures, too. Well chosen!