Friday, 29 April 2011

Folksy Friday! Royal Love.

Royal Love!

Following the special occasion and of course gift of an extra holiday to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Will's and Kate, or as we should say William and Catherine, I have decided to have my own little collection of wedding and location themed items to remind me of the day.

Please just click on the pictures to be taken to my featured folksy friends items.

Horse Guards was very prominent in the proceeding today, so it felt right that it should be included.

And of course there will be masses of wonderful photographs to mark the special occasion, so what could be more perfect than a wonderful album to view them in.

William and Catherine's flowers in ceremony and especially in her bouquet, featured wonderful Lily of the Valley.

And of course this wonderful occasion was indeed to celebrate the love of two young people.

Something suitable for the bridal bed. These cushions really make me smile.

And that wonderful occasion of not one but two balcony kisses.

I hope you have enjoyed my little Royal Matrimonial Journey and if so, will take a little visit to view these items in their shops.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Folksy Friday - Dragonfly Delight!

Dragonfly Delight!

Today I would very much like to dedicate my Folksy Friday to the delights of the Dragonfly.

Such beautiful, almost whimsical creatures, living life to their fullest during a very short life span, making every moment count and giving great joy to those of use that are enchanted by their movement above the water and through the air.

I recently attempted to recreate my own version, in yarn embroidery on felt, as an ACEO to raise money for the Red Cross Japan Disaster Appeal fund, and am pleased to say that it sold this morning! Yay!

Dragonflies in all Guises.

I have decided to show a feature gallery of delightful dragonfly's from my folksy friends, but wanted to showcase a variety of items and try not to repeat.

Please click on the pictures to flit to the folksy shop in question for full descriptions.

A wonderful Guest book to enhance any occasion and ensure delightful memories.

A stunning Copper ACEO!

Amazing 3D wall art!

A beautiful necklace, perfect for that summer party.

A gorgeous reserved scarf, but there are other stunning creations to behold.

Gorgeous colours in the dazzling bracelet!

A Stunning Brooch to enhance any outfit.

Paper craft in this wonderful ACEO picture!

I hope you have enjoyed my Dragonfly indulgence, if so please leave a comment and maybe visit a shop or two.

Monday, 18 April 2011

April Show-ers! Its A Hoot!

It's a Hoot.

Being part of the daily listing club is such fun. In fact it's a hoot!

Following on from my Folksy Friday, where I featured Feathered Friends, I decided to take a look to see how many owl items in particular were listed, and there were 117 pages of them! Phew, so owls are popular, good to know as I listed an embroidered owl on felt pendant this morning.

The pendant was a bit of an experiment for me, to see if an embroidered pendant would be popular, but of course it could easily be made into a keyring, with the addition of a split ring.

Hoot-tastic Feature Gallery!

There were so many wonderful owls to choose to feature today, so I thought it might be nice to show a variety of styles, from cutsie to realistic, from purely decorative to extremely useful.

As always, for a closer inspection, please just click on the pictures for full description and even more wonderful pictures within the sellers shops.

I hope you have had a hoot too. Thank you for stopping by.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Folksy Friday all a Flutter!

Feathered Friends!

This Friday I would like to honour our feathered friends, with a feature gallery all about the birds created for us to admire on Folksy.

There was such an abundance of bird related items, 300+ pages to be exact, so it was a difficult job to pick a few out of the 'flock' to showcase for you today.

If you would like to take a peek into my 'Avery' of items, please 'peck', sorry pick an item by 'chicking', sorry clicking on the photo, for a closer look and for a full description. And if you really like it and want to show it some love, maybe a 'tweet' might be something you'd like to do too.

Folksy Flocking Together.

If you don't mind, please may I start with one of my own, an embroidered owl on felt picture.

Wonderful Birds of all varieties now from my Folksy Friends. Please show them some love by a viewing and maybe a comment or two.

Thank you so much and I hope you have enjoyed my Avery today.

Green Appeal!

April Show Dancers have gone all Green!

This morning, after a sea air and fossil hunting induced lie in, I awoke to find that there was a profusion of early risers with green listings first thing this morning in the April Show-ers thread.

Such beautiful variation of green hues and differing items and they were all from the first page alone, as though planned, the April Show-ers had coordinated themselves fantastically!

If you would like to see the items in more detail, please just click on the pictures to be transported to the shops in question for more photos and full descriptions of these lovely items.

I myself listed an ACEO of yarn embroidered on felt, featuring a turtle in full swim mode, the yarn used has a wonderful blue green colour combination, that went really well with a marine theme.

I hope you have enjoyed my green themed feature gallery of early risers this morning.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Patriotic Fervour!

Patriotic Fervour!

Loving all the patriotic items on folksy at the moment, maybe its the Royal Wedding, or just loving the sun and all the 'Green and Pleasant Land ... this England' it brings out, but there seems to be plenty of Patriotic Fervour at the moment, so I thought I would showcase some of them for you and I hope it makes you feel like flying the flag for Folksy.

Folksy Flags!

To salute these items with a further viewing and maybe even have a flutter, then please click on the items to be flown to the items in question for full details, more pictures and see the profile of the creators.

Personal Patriotic Posting!

My own little Patriotic addition to the group, maybe one for the girlies.

This item is also one of my Red Cross Appeal Charity Items for the Japan Disaster Appeal fund, where 100% of the proceeds will be going to the Charity.

I hope you love my look at Patriotic postings today and will comment to give these sellers a right royal warrant of approval.