Monday, 18 April 2011

April Show-ers! Its A Hoot!

It's a Hoot.

Being part of the daily listing club is such fun. In fact it's a hoot!

Following on from my Folksy Friday, where I featured Feathered Friends, I decided to take a look to see how many owl items in particular were listed, and there were 117 pages of them! Phew, so owls are popular, good to know as I listed an embroidered owl on felt pendant this morning.

The pendant was a bit of an experiment for me, to see if an embroidered pendant would be popular, but of course it could easily be made into a keyring, with the addition of a split ring.

Hoot-tastic Feature Gallery!

There were so many wonderful owls to choose to feature today, so I thought it might be nice to show a variety of styles, from cutsie to realistic, from purely decorative to extremely useful.

As always, for a closer inspection, please just click on the pictures for full description and even more wonderful pictures within the sellers shops.

I hope you have had a hoot too. Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Fantastic choices. Owls really lend themselves to being used in art. I am a huge fan of Konnie's Owlvis.

  2. Owls are soo cool! Love your emb Natalie :) Lots of lovely choices! xx

  3. Thanks for featuring me - what a lovely lot you've featured!

  4. So many great owls - thanks for featuring my writing set x

  5. What a lovely collection of owls, lovee your pendant and the owl clock and print. All right I like all the owls.

    Thanks very much for including me hair clip holder.

  6. Thanks so much for including my little notebook in your fantastic selection! They're all gorgeous, its fascinating to see all the different styles of owls on Folksy

    Dawn xx

  7. They all look so cute. Lovely selection. Linda

  8. Oooo I do like this blog. I have a felt owl that I made a few years ago called 'Ollt the owl' and he is very cute. I like the one that you have embroidered - very nice

    Stephie :-) from

  9. who knew there were so many owls on Folksy and all of them soooooo cute! do love Owlvis though ...very cool:)
    Trish x

  10. Aww thanks very much! Love the owls :)

  11. I love owls! To the extent that Mr Kapow and I had an owl themed wedding!

    Thanks for featuring owlvis, and for the chance to see so many of the fabulous owls on folksy!