Thursday, 21 April 2011

Folksy Friday - Dragonfly Delight!

Dragonfly Delight!

Today I would very much like to dedicate my Folksy Friday to the delights of the Dragonfly.

Such beautiful, almost whimsical creatures, living life to their fullest during a very short life span, making every moment count and giving great joy to those of use that are enchanted by their movement above the water and through the air.

I recently attempted to recreate my own version, in yarn embroidery on felt, as an ACEO to raise money for the Red Cross Japan Disaster Appeal fund, and am pleased to say that it sold this morning! Yay!

Dragonflies in all Guises.

I have decided to show a feature gallery of delightful dragonfly's from my folksy friends, but wanted to showcase a variety of items and try not to repeat.

Please click on the pictures to flit to the folksy shop in question for full descriptions.

A wonderful Guest book to enhance any occasion and ensure delightful memories.

A stunning Copper ACEO!

Amazing 3D wall art!

A beautiful necklace, perfect for that summer party.

A gorgeous reserved scarf, but there are other stunning creations to behold.

Gorgeous colours in the dazzling bracelet!

A Stunning Brooch to enhance any outfit.

Paper craft in this wonderful ACEO picture!

I hope you have enjoyed my Dragonfly indulgence, if so please leave a comment and maybe visit a shop or two.


  1. What a gorgeous collection. I love them all! Well done on selling your aceo, they really are very clever. Thank you for including my Guest Book :o)

    Dottie x

  2. Stunning collection, that wall art is amazing, thank you for including my brooch.

    Max x

  3. What a brilliant collection. They all look gorgeous. Linda

  4. Absolutly love the copper one was watching a program on dragonflys they are very beautiful but can be a bit narky

  5. I do love butterflies. A great selection. Thanks for including my wall art. x

  6. A great selection. Have a great weekend.

  7. beautiful finds for summer natalie. love all your embroidered animals and insects - you have found your secret talent there! love the necklace from JCU designs :)

  8. what fabulous choices them all,but particularly love the 3D wall art.
    Trish xx