Thursday, 14 April 2011

Green Appeal!

April Show Dancers have gone all Green!

This morning, after a sea air and fossil hunting induced lie in, I awoke to find that there was a profusion of early risers with green listings first thing this morning in the April Show-ers thread.

Such beautiful variation of green hues and differing items and they were all from the first page alone, as though planned, the April Show-ers had coordinated themselves fantastically!

If you would like to see the items in more detail, please just click on the pictures to be transported to the shops in question for more photos and full descriptions of these lovely items.

I myself listed an ACEO of yarn embroidered on felt, featuring a turtle in full swim mode, the yarn used has a wonderful blue green colour combination, that went really well with a marine theme.

I hope you have enjoyed my green themed feature gallery of early risers this morning.


  1. oooh, natalie! that was a lovely surprise thank you very much for picking my item...its funny how there was quite so much green today! lol

    i love your turtle, what a cutie and the profits from him will go to a very worthy cause :o)


  2. Thank you Natalie for including my cardi, it was most peculiar seeing all the green items list without any planning, but they are all beautiful and it a colour that has many gorgeous shades.

  3. Lovely Turtle, reminds me of our boat trip in greece where we got see the turles in the sea, and thank you for including my earrings

    Max x

  4. Love the green theme. They are all gorgeous. That turtle ACEO is amazing. Linda

  5. Thanks for featuring my skateboard pearls amongst such lovely items :)
    Beautiful greens

  6. Thanks so much for including my album with all the other lovely green items - we were very coordinated yesterday! And your turtle is fantastic, he goes perfectly as well!

    Dawn x