Friday, 29 April 2011

Folksy Friday! Royal Love.

Royal Love!

Following the special occasion and of course gift of an extra holiday to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Will's and Kate, or as we should say William and Catherine, I have decided to have my own little collection of wedding and location themed items to remind me of the day.

Please just click on the pictures to be taken to my featured folksy friends items.

Horse Guards was very prominent in the proceeding today, so it felt right that it should be included.

And of course there will be masses of wonderful photographs to mark the special occasion, so what could be more perfect than a wonderful album to view them in.

William and Catherine's flowers in ceremony and especially in her bouquet, featured wonderful Lily of the Valley.

And of course this wonderful occasion was indeed to celebrate the love of two young people.

Something suitable for the bridal bed. These cushions really make me smile.

And that wonderful occasion of not one but two balcony kisses.

I hope you have enjoyed my little Royal Matrimonial Journey and if so, will take a little visit to view these items in their shops.


  1. What a smashing wedding it was...and super picks (-;

  2. Great choices to commemorate the day. Cushions made me smile too

  3. Fabulous choices Natalie. I loved that she used Sweet William, and Lily of the Valley in her bouquet.

  4. Thank you for featuring my cushions!!

    Wasn't the wedding lovely...tried not to cry through most of it! Heehee.

    Gemma x

  5. Loving the Mr and Mrs pillows. Fantastic Blog Natalie :)

  6. Great blog, and a great way to commemorate such an amazing day! I love all the items you've chosen but especially the bottom one of the couple kissing, so sweet!

  7. Lovely collection ! thanks for featuring my artwork.

  8. loving those Mr and Mrs TV so there was no watching for me!!!
    Trish xx