Monday, 30 January 2012

All Set for Exams!

For many Young People it is exam time, my son is doing some retakes of A levels, which he did pass in the summer, but thinks he was only a couple of marks of a higher grade, so has opted to have another stab at them this January, although one he has to retake in the summer, because of the course work, which he has to resubmit, apparently is only marked in the summer.

Bless him retaking Geography, Political History and Business and Finance, quite heavy, but his choice, I was just so happy he passed them the first time around, but am equally pleased he feels he can do even better, and is willing to put the time in to do so.

Study Time Gallery!

So typing with all my fingers and toes crossed, no mean feat I can tell you, thought it might be nice to have blog dedicated to this cause, so please take time to 'study' the items, 'memorise' and take a 'sneaky cheat peek' in the shops in question, to see all your 'questions answered'.



I hope you have learnt something from the lesson today.

Thank you!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Folksy Friday! Flower Power!

Flower Power!

Harking back to a gentler generation, where peace, love and flower power were the 'in' things, I have some folksy flowers to get you into the mood in our troubled and busy days.

Of course, during the time of 'flower power' there were many troubles, issues and world disorders, much like today, so not so much 'harking back' and more like the continuation of the  same, but there we go, lets hope these lovely flowers lift spirits, bring you peace of mind, and that you love them enough to visit them where they grow in their Folksy shops.

Hope you have enjoyed my blooming picks and have enough to make a bouquet for a loved one.

Thank you!

Animal Magic

Animal Magic!

I think nature inspires us all a little, we love our animal friends, and lets face it, there are a great many more of them on the earth, in all sorts of varieties, shapes and sizes than there are of us, all living harmoniously, which is more than we can say for our species.

There is a natural order, grace and humility, they know where they belong in the 'circle of life', if I may quote a famous song and don't expect, or demand to be anything else than what they are, we can all learn a great deal from our animal friends.

Magical Animal Inspiration Gallery!

So I have search far and wide in the Jungle, that is creative endeavour on Folksy, to find some animal magic to share with you today.

If you would like to take an up close and personal view of the animals on the safari today, please just click on the photos and see these animal inspirations in their natural habitat.

I do hope you have enjoyed the animal magic inspiration today and with take flight, stampede or hop to view these shops in more detail.

Thank you!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Bi-Colour Gems!

Amazing Nature!

I've had a love of gemstones right back into my childhood, and was always amazed how mother nature managed to create such stunning colours, some of which only become apparent when we lowly beings get our stone polishers out, but even so, the beauty of the stones can sometimes be breathtaking.

Bi-Colour Gallery!

Today I would like to show you some bi-colour gemstones, where nature has seamlessly thrown together differing colour combinations, to give an amazing display and variation with the stone.

Please just click on the picture for more beautiful photographs and full descriptions of the stones in question.

I hope you have enjoyed my little indulgent view of gemstones today, many of which would make wonderful Valentine's Gifts, just point them out to those with the open wallet or purse.

Saturday, 21 January 2012


Roses are .....

Red, white, yellow, pink, or various combinations of numerous hues!  Personally, when hubby gets me roses, I prefer yellow ones, don't know why, yet for my wedding had very pale pink ones, not a red rose in sight, not that I have anything against red roses, have plenty that bloom in my garden in the summer, but also adore the various colour tones and hues that these pretty flowers bloom in.

Roses are a traditional flower of romance and given at Valentine's day and other romantic occasions, but it always saddens me that they wilt in the vase so quickly, so why not have some everlasting blooms, that will look fabulous in days, weeks and years to come.

~Rose Garden Gallery~

Please carefully prune your views and pick these blooms to brighten your day.

Simply visit the floral creation by clicking on the picture, to view them in full and glorious multi-colour.

I hope you have enjoyed my rose garden today, and have taken time to stroll through the pleasant avenue of roses.

Thank you!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Folksy Friday! Pretty Pooches!

Pretty Pooches!

Friday again, where has the week gone?!?

This week I have decided to devote my Folksy Friday blog to man's most devoted friend, our pampered pooches!

Some of you may know that my hubbies partner at work is a dog, he's called Kahn and is the most adorable yet hard working German Shepherd, and he's a little under the weather at the moment, it seems there is a bug at the kennels, and he's leaking at both ends at the moment and feeling very sorry for himself, bless!

So in honour of Kahn and all our other four legged devoted doggie friends, here are some Folksy pooches, why not take a little walk with these pooches, by clicking on their pictures.

I hope you have enjoyed your walkies today and are looking forward to a great weekend!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Aquamarine Dreams!

At last we have some bright and sunny days, cold and frosty, yes, but the glimpse of sunshine and bright blue skies, has lifted my thoughts and spirits, making the summer feel not too far away after all.

So to lift us all in the hope of warmer days and burst of beautiful colours, I have some Aquamarine dream features for you, just to show I am not alone in loving this colour and the lift it brings, I hope you agree with me.

Aqua Tones Feature Gallery!

Please just click on the items to be washed in the tide of loveliness that these hues bring to us.

I hope you have enjoyed my splash of colour today and feel refreshed by it.

Thank you!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Folksy Friday 13.01.12

Friday the 13th!

This Friday, as I am sure you're aware, is Friday the 13th, a date that some superstitious people are wary of. 

Personally I love the number 13, my hubby is born on the 13th, so it has to be great for that reason alone.

However, I know that many people fear to venture outside their doors on this date, or worry about stepping on cracks, breaking mirrors and won't go near a ladder, just in case they walk under it, so to help out all my fearful friends, I have found you some Folksy good luck items to help you along today.

Lucky Folksy Features!

Please just click on the pictures to link you to the fabulous items in person, and all without needing to step our of your door.

We all know four leaf clovers are good luck, so how about a perpetual one in the wonderful gemstone that is Serpentine Jasper, as a key ring, or handbag charm, to carry around with you at all times.

Finding a pin and picking it up and all the day you'll have good luck, but not if you pop it in your pocket, not so pleasant sticking into your thumb, so why not carry around a little needle and pin case with you at all times, and you'll always have a handy space to pop your lucky pin finds.

Lovely Lucky Heather, here in a beautiful collage form to wear on your lapel!  Mauve-tastic!

Of course we all know horse shoes are lucky, my Mum always told me to keep them the right way up, so the luck doesn't spill out, LOL!  Giving someone a card like this will always cheer them along in their endeavours.

And we can't forget the lucky rabbits foot, I'm not one for carrying around a real one, and any way, why have one, when you could have four, in this beautiful door stop, he'll keep your house a luck and safe place for sure and tell bad luck to hop it!

Three lots of luck here for good measure, the horseshoe, clover and lucky sixpence!!!!!

And who could forget our lucky friend the black cat, purring its way into your affection, here teamed with lots of four leaf clovers, so much success to be had.

I hope you are all feeling lucky today, and with all these wonderful charms, might have to have a go on the lottery!

Thank you!