Monday, 30 January 2012

All Set for Exams!

For many Young People it is exam time, my son is doing some retakes of A levels, which he did pass in the summer, but thinks he was only a couple of marks of a higher grade, so has opted to have another stab at them this January, although one he has to retake in the summer, because of the course work, which he has to resubmit, apparently is only marked in the summer.

Bless him retaking Geography, Political History and Business and Finance, quite heavy, but his choice, I was just so happy he passed them the first time around, but am equally pleased he feels he can do even better, and is willing to put the time in to do so.

Study Time Gallery!

So typing with all my fingers and toes crossed, no mean feat I can tell you, thought it might be nice to have blog dedicated to this cause, so please take time to 'study' the items, 'memorise' and take a 'sneaky cheat peek' in the shops in question, to see all your 'questions answered'.



I hope you have learnt something from the lesson today.

Thank you!


  1. I love them all what a great selection x

  2. Thanks for including my card Natalie! I had no idea it was exam time, best of luck to your son! :)

    Leanne x x

  3. Wow, well done, Nat's son, on your exam passes. Wishing you all the best second time around. )

    Thanks for featuring my Kindle case, Natalie - really appreciated. :) x

  4. They all look great, a lovely selection. Especially love Roy`s pen.

  5. I'm sure your son will do just fine with such clever parents :) Thanks for including my pen in such a lovely collection

  6. I hope your son does well Natalie. It's a stressful time, I wouldn't like to be back there when my two children were sitting exams. I don't know who was stressed out more me or the kids!

    Lots of lovely items which should inspire people to study and revise.

    Shirley x

  7. Hope his exams went well Natalie, my daughter is in her 2nd year of A-levels so I`ve also spent January with fingers & toes crossed, I think we have nearly as tough a time as the kids!

    Diane x