Thursday, 31 March 2011

Hares Hopping Off!

The March of the March Hares!

As we come to the end of another listing club, before we all hop off the our burrows and warm beds, I wanted to celebrate how wonderful the March Hares listing club has been, everyone supporting one another, happy hoppy dancing to all the sales and generally having a good time, plus a few sales being made along the way.

When I say a phew sales, the collective sales tally at the time of posting this blog, was an amazing 1034! Whooppee! No wonder the Hares have a bounce in their step.

Hares Hopping off Gallery!

I have decided to show case something from everyone who commented on the blog today, so a massive feature gallery. Please just click on the pictures, to be taken to the item in question.

For all the love in the March Hares, I have decided to show three of my Gemstone Heart items today.

Roll on the April Show-ers, which is the name for the anniversary listing club for April! And thank you to everyone who commented, took part or supported the March Hares in anyway at all.