Thursday, 17 March 2011

Cherry Blossom For Japan!

This week I would like to take a moment to reflect and remember the poor people of Japan, following the terrible and ongoing events that have befallen the country and the lasting effects it will have on its people for many, many years to come.

I don't think anyone who has been watching the events unfold, can fail to be touched by their plight and hold those around them a little closer and cherish the fact they are near and safe.

My lovely Boss and his wife, who's son lives in Japan with his Japanese wife and of course her extended family, are beside themselves with worry. He teaches English in a Japanese school and although he contacted them following the initial earthquake and Tsunami, to say they were safe in Tokyo, of course the ongoing events, with the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant and numerous after shocks, is a terrible strain on all of them.

My heart goes out to all those poor people who have been effected and continue to suffer the effects of this disaster, so I have dedicated my Folksy Friday this week to them and wanted to showcase something the Japanese people themselves hold in high regard, being the Cherry Blossom.

In Japan, the Cherry Blossom is known as Sakura and although not entirely indigenous to Japan, is considered a much loved cultural icon, and the blossoming of the trees is greeted with a euphoric ceremonial reception, known as Hanami, where every moment of their short, transient beauty is cherished for its splendor and purity.

The Japanese hold the Cherry Blossom in such high regard, as its exceptional beauty is so short lived, its transient beauty being symbolic of human life, a reminder of our humanity and mortality.

Cherry Blossom Gallery.

I have personally attempted to reflect, in my own small way, some of the beauty of the cherry blossom in crochet and bead work, to create a Picture and an ACEO, all of the proceeds of my two items will be going to the Japan Appeal.

I also have other items scattered throughout my shop where 50% of the proceeds will be going to the Japan appeal, those items will either have a blossom or oriental theme within them.

Donations can be made directly to the appeal, via the Red Cross 'here'

I have searched out some other wonderful Cherry Blossom creations to show you
today, and with kind permission of the crafters in question, have featured them in my blog today.
These items were chosen for their cherry blossom beauty and are not necessarily charity items, although a couple are and are indicated as such.

Please just click on the pictures to be taken to the shops in question, for full details of their wonderful and beautiful items.

Beautiful Hair Accessories that look so life like!

A stunning ACEO by a lovely lady and talented crafter.

A beautiful and delicate tote bag featuring the blossom and a visiting butterfly.

A painting the captures the wonderful array of cherry blossom's colours.

A very life like hair accessory in felt, beautiful in texture too.

A gorgeous cushion in silk kimono fabric. The lovely Lynn is also donating £1.00 or each cushion sold to the Japan appeal, please see her listings for the full details.

A simply stunning painting and calligraphy framed picture to grace any home.

Beautiful Glass painting, which is also supporting the fund raising events for Japan!

Delicate and gorgeous hair accessory.

A beautiful Card to send all our heartfelt best wishes to all those affected.

There are many people on Folksy fund raising for the earthquake appeal in Japan and also in New Zealand, and also for Red Nose Day events, so if you would like to seek these people out on folksy, they have made comment within the Folksy Forums.

I hope you have enjoyed my beautiful Cherry Blossom finds today.


  1. thank you so much for featuring Ickle Imogen today...such a beautiful selection for such an amazing country.

    im glad to hear that your family friends are safe and well.


  2. So many people affected in so small an area, it is heartbreaking. A lovely collection. Linda

  3. A lovely blog,very thought provoking and poignant.The events in Japan,makes us realise whats important in life.I pray that we will treasure life more,each and every moment. Thank you for showing all the lovely cherry blossom items.
    jean xxx

  4. Thanks for a very thoughtful post our thoughts are with the Japanese at this difficult time

  5. What a beautiful blog. Heartfelt sentiments, echoed by all who read it, I am sure. A gorgeous selection of cherry blossom, Natalie. Well done.

    Marie x

  6. Thanks for including my felt cherry blossom hairband in this thoughtful post! I'm actually donating 50% of sales of my cherry blossom brooches and hairbands this week (13th-19th March) to the Red Cross appeal. More info on my blog if you're interested:

  7. Gosh, we even had practically the same title for our blogs! That is so generous of you and I hope your fundraising efforts are well rewarded, your felt creations are stunning.

    Natalie xxx

  8. Thanks so much for including my aceo on your blog - little did I know when I made it, what horrors would unfold in Japan. Its heartbreaking to see and I'm praying for a happy end to the nuclear situation.

    Dawn xx

  9. Such eloquent sentiment. I think you speak for us all who are connected to Japan in some way shape or form. I have a kimono cushion on my bed depicting a 'beautiful tsunami' washing up to a rural village. Its interesting how withstanding the power of nature is part of Japanese life and culture, but nothing could have prepared them for the events last week. I look at it every night and think of this poor nation.
    You have a lovely collection here and thank you for including my cherry blossom kimono cushion.
    Lynn x

  10. Sharing thoughts to the people in Japan, what a superb blog title and items, what kind people on Folksy helping to raise funds too.


  11. Posting a message on behalf of Sachiko, who had dificultiy leaving a comment and emailed it to me instead.

    Thank you so much for featuring my painting on your lovely blog. I was so shaken by the horrible events in Japan last Friday, and I'm still very worried and sad about the whole situation there. Fortunately all my family and friends are safe, and I pray for those whose lives were taken and for those who have lost everything... Sachiko x