Thursday, 3 March 2011

Folksy Friday! Hare Today!

Hare Today!

March is here and traditionally associated with March and Spring, are the March Hares, with their boxing, dancing and moon gazing antics, which is believed to be the origin of the 'Mad' March Hare title, made even more popular by the Alice In Wonderland stories.

I searched high and low on folksy, for some wonderful Hares to include in my blog today and have not been disappointed. With the kind permission from these wonderful crafters, artists and artisans I have great pleasure in showing you these stunning items.

If you would like to see these wonderful items in more detail, please click on the pictures, to be transported to their shops.

A beautiful Moon and Hare Charm Bracelet.

Hares in love!

A wonderful ornamental Hare, with the quintessential mad hare gaze.

An alert March Hare Brooch.

A wonderful print of March Hares in full scamper mode.

A moon gazing Hare postcard in all his glory!

A Stunning Dashing Copper and Silver Hare Brooch!

A March Hare that is not only beautiful but can give you a hug too!

Literally Moon Gazing, a wonderful pewter brooch with synthetic opal cabochon.

A wonderful nostalgic view of a Hare in its natural habitat.

I hope you have enjoyed my touch of Spring with all these wonderful Hares in all their guises, as much as I have and agree with me, that there is a wealth of talent on Folksy!


  1. What a lot of gorgeous hares. I particularly like the moon gazing hare postcard and the moon gazing brooch with the moonstone cabochon - but all the items listed are really beautiful.
    Thank you for including my bracelet along with these items.
    Have a great weekend,
    Marie x

  2. What a fantastic selection of hares! Love the brooch :o)

    Dottie x

  3. Yes - inspiring hares - why do we love the way they stare at the moon and box each other! They are enigmatic creatures for sure. Thanks Natalie for featuring my hares - regards Alison

  4. Wow, you found lots of gorgeous examples. Now the weather's cheering up a bit it could be time for a walk over the fields to see if we can spot any of those long ears! x

  5. Lovely selection there, they all look so cute.


  6. Hare today, gone tomorrow!! You featured my Hares and Moon charm bracelet in your lovely blog today - and now someone has bought it! Woo Hoo.

    Big thank you, Natalie

    Marie xx

  7. It would be lovely to think I helped in some small way, in the sale of your gorgeous bracelet!

    Congratulations Marie and happy hoppy dancing for you!

    Natalie x

  8. They all look great. I hadn`t noticed so many hares. Linda

  9. What a lovely selection Natalie! I especially love Eastwitching's Painting! Well, I think they're all wonderful actually! C. x

  10. Wow! Such fab hares. Loving the scamoering print

  11. What a lovely collection of such variety, Natalie. I love the scampering hares!
    Margaret x