Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Crepe Susette!

Happy Pancake Day!

What is your favourite topping for pancakes? I'm a lemon juice and sprinkle of sugar girl myself, but once had crepe Susette, which was lovely too, so have decided to feature some orange flavourings from the March Hares today, in honour of this sweet treat.

If you like what you see and want to sample them in more detail, please select from the menu below and bon apetit!

I hope you have enjoyed your dessert medley of gorgeous goodies!


  1. What a lovely blog. I'm loving those oranges,, especially Silk Purse's ring and Whimsical Wren's bracelet.
    I'm a lemon and sugar girl, too. I made the batter before I left for work and my husband has promised to make some for me when I get in... if he and Holly don't finish it!!
    Happy pancake day, everyone - and thank you for including my little hare in your blog.

    Marie xx

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my Bee bracelet :)

  3. Fab, Fab, FAB - what great choices. I had my pancakes with lemon and sugar, but I did sneak in two with maple syrup - what a naughty girl.
    Thanks for including my daisy in your blog, Natalie.
    I think I'd better let the pancakes settle before I start anything else.

  4. Wow thank you very much for featuring my ACEO, I'm craving pancakes now and I don't really like them hehe. Hope you enjoyed yours.
    Kerri (the antoinettecollection)

  5. what a great idea for a folksy blog.
    I'm definitely a lemon juice and sprinkle of sugar girl, but my monkeys are bananas and nutella all the way :)
    love whimsical wren's bracelet
    lisamarie x

  6. Lovely collection and thanks for featuring my eiffel tower print

  7. It was lemon and sugar for me last night! Sometimes I have cherry pie filling!
    Fab choices from the hares. I love oranges so all brilliant in my eye!

  8. Thank you for adding us to your blog x