Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Marine Inspiration!

The Oggin!

For those not into old sayings and 'auld' slang, the Oggin is the sea in all its glory! I adore the sea, swimming in it, watching it, listening to it and the salty tang in the air as you get close to it.

Obviously a bit to chilly for a dip at the moment, but all of the other glories can be enjoyed.

Marine Medley!

To celebrate my love of the Oggin, I took a peek at Marine inspired items on Folksy, so here is my Marine Medley for you to enjoy. As ever, please click of the items to sail to the folksy shops and swim in lovely oceans of items.

My own little Oggin Dwelling critter to add to the aquarium.

My mixed media picture, embroidered onto card in knitting yarns, was inspired by the ACEO below, which was painted by the wonderful Janice of Wellydog Gallery.

Her wonderful turtle ACEO is a pride possession in my ACEO collection, and is not for sale, so no asking, it is just there as comparison.

Janice was kind enough to encourage me to list my item and all the proceeds of its sale will be going to the Japan Disaster Appeal Fund.

Thank you for popping into visit my blog, and I hope you enjoyed it.


  1. oh natalie - I need a holiday now!
    love your little turtle :)

  2. Love everything - it all works so well together!

    Esp like your turtle ACEO!


  3. Lovely Natalie, I am pleased you felt inspired by my turtle and love your version.
    Great items all together

  4. Hi Natalie,
    Beautiful blog - wish I was on holiday now ... a few more months before we get down to Cornwall... sighs. Thank you for including my bracelet. I think your turtle ACEO and Janice's origingal are awesome!

    Marie xx

  5. Of course, that should have said "original"
    If only I could type...


  6. I too am a sea person. I don't feel much happier than when I am on a beach. Lovely listings...I love the turtles. x

  7. What a lovely collection! I love the seashell earrings.
    I live by the sea but am ashamed to admit I hardly ever walk along the seafront these days. I do drive along it four times a day though!

  8. Thank you for featuring my sea creature cards! I don't live close to the sea but I would love to!

    Debbie x

  9. Thank you so much for featuring my beachcomber earrings amongst such a wonderful, varied selection. Your turtle ACEO is sooo cute! I grew up by the sea & miss it terribly!

  10. Great stuff! Love the turtle liked the original too.
    Hannelore x

  11. Thanks for including my Sea aceo- The sea here is very choppy and grey today- can't wait for it to warm up a bit.