Sunday, 27 March 2011

And the Winner is!

The Mother's Day Handbag Give-away -

The Result!

Thank you to everyone who entered my Mother's Day Handbag give-away, to see all the entries please click here.

There were a wonderful 18 entries, which is fantastic!!!!

I'm afraid, due to being a sleepy person today, I was unable to carry out some adventurous way of picking a winner, so popped all the names into a handbag and asked my eldest son to pick out a winner, and being almost 18 yrs old, although happy to help out, did not want his piccie taken, typical, something to do with not having his hair waxed perfectly!

Anyway, I digress, the winner is .....

Drum roll please!

The Lovely Margaret, also known to us Folksy Peeps as Louisa15, a wonderful supporter of Folksy and called by many of us 'The Sales Fairy'.

In her comment, Margaret said that she would choose this handbag, but of course she is welcome to choose another handbag if she prefers.

Thank you to everyone who took part.


  1. Lovely bag, and a lovely winner.

    Well done, Louisa

    Marie xx

  2. Yay! Well done Margaret :o)

    Dottie x

  3. Well done Margaret! Lovely choice of bag :)

  4. Nice one, well done Margaret x

  5. Oh wow!! Can't believe I won, how exciting!!

    Yes Natalie, that's my choice, I love the colour of it, many thanks for such a fantastic giveaway! That's totally made my day:D

  6. Yay! Didn't want to announce it to you before you had seen the blog!

    So pleased you are happy.

    Natalie x

  7. well done margaret :)
    all your bags are brill natalie!

    lisamarie x

  8. Well Done Margaret, enjoy your bag.