Saturday, 5 March 2011

Mother's Day Handbag Giveaway!

Mother's Day Handbag Giveaway!

I'm a poet and did not know it. LOL!

As a Mummy myself, I know I love my handbags, and having a Mummy of my own, who also loves her handbags, I have decided to giveaway one of my knitted or crocheted handbags as a special Mother's Day Giveaway.

So which handbag would you receive?
That is the beauty of this give-away, you get to choose!

All Mummies are different, with different tastes, fashion styles and needs and requirements, so if you win the handbag giveaway you get to choose from ANY, yes ANY of the handbags in my shop.

The Giveaway will close at 7pm on Sunday 27th March, to give plenty of time for me to get your handbag to you and then for you to get it to your Mummy.

Handbag Gallery!

Here are some examples, colourful or subtle, large or small, classic or funky!

So .... How to Enter!

Its really simple to enter the Mother's Day Handbag Giveaway:
  • Be a follower of this blog.
  • Visit my shop and tell me which handbag you would like to win for your Mummy and why it would be a perfect choice for her.
  • Tell us one thing as to why your Mummy is so special to you.

Good luck and looking forward to reading your entries.


  1. I would love to win this for mum,
    Perfect colour to wear with jeans and casuals
    Mum is one of a kind:)

  2. Thank you for entering, could you let me know which handbag in particular from my shop and some contact details, so that if you should win I can let you know.

    If you don't want to leave contact detail on a blog reply, you can contact me through my folksy contact.

    Natalie x

  3. I would choose the Chocolate Plum patchwork for my Mum as they happen to be the colours she wears the most!
    She's always been there for me if I need anything, from looking after the kids to minding the house when I go to work if there's workmen in and always puts thought into things like our birthday/Christmas presents...

  4. I would choose this one as these are the colours that would suit her the most.

    My Mum is very special because she's managed to put up with me living with her for 47 years! She has the patience of a saint (and needs it!)

    This is my favourite for my mum. She's always working hard with people less fortunate than herself and deserves a treat.

  6. I would love to win the Heather Hues bag for my Mum, as she loves purple/lilac/heather colours and shes been a massive inspiration to me in my life so far, nothing but supportive all the way!!!

  7. Such a generous giveaway Natalie.
    For my mum I would choose the reversible russet as it is so clever.
    She would love any of your handbags as she is a skillful knitter herself and always really appreciates and compliments others beautiful work. She has taught me so much about knitting, sewing and all those other fabric and yarn crafts. She loves Folksy too!

  8. This one is nice and bright, Mum loves bright cheerful things.

    My Mum is amazing, she taught me all my crafts, how to sew and lots of specailiast tricks of the trade. After 3 strokes she sadly cannot knit or sew anymore, so she now makes amazing cards for everyone, she also buys on Folksy - she did of course buy me a super hat from you as I loved it so much.

    Lynda x

    definitely this one, she wears a lot of purple, and she is always shopping!
    my mum is proud of me no matter what, and always there to encourage me when I need it :)
    they are all so different natalie - lovely selection x

  10. What a lovely and very generous giveaway! I would choose this one as my Mum loves autumn colours:

    My mum is also fantastic and supportive - she's helped me through some difficult times, that's for sure!

  11. Hi, Natalie. I don't have anyone to give a handbag to, but I am a mother, myself - does that count?
    I would love to treat myself to this little beauty

    No-one else will!




    This one would suit my Mum so much - for some reason she wont touch handbags only rucksacks (I have never understood why lols!)

    My mum has always been there for me - but mostly because she's the only person sillier than me! :) She still runs around playing hide and seek r xbox with me!

    Katie x

  13. I choose the Colourful Clamshells Bag. Not for my Mum as she died when I was 18yrs, but for my Stepmum who is wonderful and a special friend. She is finding it hard since my Dad died last May and this would cheer her up.

  14. Aren;t you generous! Whow :)
    I'd choose Chocolate Plum for my Mum. She's a bit like a patchwork herself, loads of different colours that, all together make her beautiful.
    My Mum is my best friend, she's thoughtful, funny, protective, caring and makes me chocolate pralines!


    Hi, its Paula from Luvlii on folksy..
    i think my mum would love this bag because she LOVES traveling and holidays by the sea..the shells would remind her of her holidays!! (they reminded me of summer the shell pattern)
    MY mum is BRILLIANTLLY WONDERFUL, i have two special needs children and she always helps me with them!! I love her very VERY much!! And a knitted bag would be a lovely change!!PAULA

  16. I think my wonderful mummy would love love love this bag.
    It's just her style and fits her querky fashion sense perfectly.

    My mum is so very special, she has never ever given up on me. She will support me no matter what, isn't afraid to tell me the truth and if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here. It took 7 years for her to conceive me and I'm thankful for every day she persisted in trying. It was a long wait and I'm almost certain she and my dad don't regret a moment :P x


    I had trouble choosing a favourite. But I Love this one. The colour is great and I love the vintage style.

    I would give it to my sister, as she is 50 on Mother's Day this year and is one of my biggest supporters and a great mum to my lovely nieces.

  18. Unfortunately my Mum is no longer with us, I don't have strong memories but she always looked very classy and to me like Audrey Hepbern, She always had that 40's glamour style and so I think the gold star handbag would be the one that I would give her, as it reminds me of that era, the colour and the star are very stylish x

  19. Like Wellydog, my lovely mum is no longer with me but she had the most amazing blue eyes. If my mum were here I would give her this beautiful bag
    in hommage to her lovely, smiling eyes.

    Beautiful blog, and a great idea, Natalie.

    Marie xx