Thursday, 17 January 2013

Folksy Friday! Winter!

Winter Wonders!

My Folksy Friday is all about winter, with the Arctic conditions we are all experiencing today, the inspiration suddenly came to me!  LOL!

Don't blame me for jumping on the band waggon, I could not help myself.  It's been snowing on and off since 12.00pm yesterday and is a good, school closing thickness today! 

 Although, I do feel for the poor students with exams set for today!  According to the school website, they are intending to go ahead with the exams, but as we have students that have to come in from very rural locations, I am sure it will be impossible for some, I do worry that they will try to attend, when the conditions would suggest that they should not attempt it!!!!

Luckily for me, my eldest has finished school, the middle one has completed his exams until the summer and the youngest has them yet to come.

Winter Wonderland Gallery!

Please click on the pictures to be transported to a winter wonderland of crafts!!!!!

A wonderful winter scene, painted in miniature by the super talented Brenda Cumming.

Wonderfully festive earrings by Blue Forest Jewellery

Heart Snow decorations for the winter lovers by the ever creative The Dottery Pottery!

Stunning representation of the chill-tastic evolution that is the snowman by Stephie at FlowaPowa!

A wonderful crocheted fringe scarf by the super creative 
Linda Cooper!

Winter Jasmine by the ever lovely Sue Lynwood!

The ever faithful Bristish Robin, by the artistic talent that is Gina Rahman.

And a little snowflake wreath decoration by little me, at nofkantscurios!

Thank you for joining my winter wonderland Folksy Friday selection, I hope you nave enjoyed my finds!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Folksy Friday! January Jollies!

Folksy Friday - Hello January!

After all the Christmas and New Year Festivities, January often seems such a long and depressing month, where we suffer from the January Blues, however, the January Daily listing club are attempting to buck the trend and set us off with a more optimistic view, by opting for the name January Jollies and lets hope it is Jolly month for all!

Before I can fully say goodbye to December, I need to let you know what a fantastic sales month it was for the December Jingles who worked so hard and were awarded with a collective sales tally of 754 sales in total.

And we had two joint top shops, who each achieved a magnificent 48 total sales for the month!  Astounding!

The two wonderful shops were the lovely Edwina of HandmadebyEdwina and the beautiful Leanne of SeetheWoods

Personally, January is my birthday month, so the celebrations extend into January for me, however, it is also the month when I am to be made redundant from my job of 12 and half years, so I shall be joining the throng of job seekers, wish me luck!

Jolly Jig Gallery of Jewels!

I thought we could start off the month with some pretty sparklers and gemstones, I hope you enjoy my choices, and will visit each treasure, in its jewel box of a shop, by simply clicking on the pictures below.

I hope you too have a Jolly January and that there is some treasure for us all on this very long month!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Folksy Friday! Turtle Power!

Turtle Power!

Happy New Year!

My first Folksy Friday of 2013 I thought I would dedicate it to a favourite animal of mine and share some wonderful turtle creations with you all!

I find the turtle very majestic and was lucky enough to see one swimming in the sea in Cyprus a few years ago.

Turtle Marine Gallery!

I have swum around the oceans of creation on Folksy and discovered a whole turtle collective to share with you today.

If you would like to see these gorgeous items in more detail, please just click on the picture to swim across to the shop in question to see them in all their glory!

I hope you too have enjoyed my little aquarium of turtles and found them as fascinating as I.

Thank you!