Friday, 11 January 2013

Folksy Friday! January Jollies!

Folksy Friday - Hello January!

After all the Christmas and New Year Festivities, January often seems such a long and depressing month, where we suffer from the January Blues, however, the January Daily listing club are attempting to buck the trend and set us off with a more optimistic view, by opting for the name January Jollies and lets hope it is Jolly month for all!

Before I can fully say goodbye to December, I need to let you know what a fantastic sales month it was for the December Jingles who worked so hard and were awarded with a collective sales tally of 754 sales in total.

And we had two joint top shops, who each achieved a magnificent 48 total sales for the month!  Astounding!

The two wonderful shops were the lovely Edwina of HandmadebyEdwina and the beautiful Leanne of SeetheWoods

Personally, January is my birthday month, so the celebrations extend into January for me, however, it is also the month when I am to be made redundant from my job of 12 and half years, so I shall be joining the throng of job seekers, wish me luck!

Jolly Jig Gallery of Jewels!

I thought we could start off the month with some pretty sparklers and gemstones, I hope you enjoy my choices, and will visit each treasure, in its jewel box of a shop, by simply clicking on the pictures below.

I hope you too have a Jolly January and that there is some treasure for us all on this very long month!


  1. Hope you enjoyed your birthday Natalie, sorry about the redundancy but lets hope as one door closes another opens for you. Thankyou for featuring my earrings xx

  2. Thank you Natalie for the mention. WOW that was an amazing collective sales tally for December! Lovely selection of jewellery - only last night I treated myself to some earrings from a January Jolly lister! Good luck with the job hunting! xxx :-)

  3. Sorry to hear about your redundancy too - hope all works out in the long run & it's a times like these at least you have your wonderful crafting talents to fall back on!

  4. A wonderful selection. Hope the job hunting goes well.


  5. Thanks so much Natalie, a really do hope the job search bears some fruit, redundancy sucks especially at this time of year but I'm sure something you'll be happy doing will turn up soon.

    Leanne xx

  6. Thanks so much Natalie. what a great tally for last month too! I feel for you having been made redundant more than once, however = exciting to think what could be ahead!

  7. Thank you Natalie! What a lovely mix of styles! Happy Friday to you all! xx