Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Loons Golden Blog!

Gold medal position, the June Loon Race has come to the end of the month! I can't believe we have completed the challenge to list an item a day in our Folksy shops. for the whole of June!

Some mad fools listed more than one item a day and some were ‘limp’ along loons, listing as and when they could, but still taking part in a physical and mental challenge of listing throughout June!

The madness continues into July, when the July Jesters will get underway!

The Loons have had differing degrees of success! Some have been super sellers with phenomenal sales and some have had more moderate sales. Personally, it has been the best month for me ever, with 15 sales this month! Whoopee! That equates to one every other day! I just find that amazing!

We have been posting our sales tally in the daily Folksy Forum thread, to spur ourselves on, so we can all celebrate with those making sales, but I’m sure Liz will not mind me mentioning that she made a fantabulous 100 sales in June.
She is our Loon Queen, all hail Liz!
The Little Bead Box

Having a quick count up, it looks like 43 differing June Loons Shops had sales in June!
That is just wonderful!

June Loon Gold Treasury!

I would love to show you something from everyone, but there really would not be space, so am just going to show a double sized treasury from throughout June Loons, of items that are still for sale. Please just click on the picture to be taken to their shops for full details.

Maxine Veronica Northfield Primitives The Little Bead Box

Paulaz Jewelz HeloiseV CraftyMushroom

Spotty N Stripy ♥ Lonely Hearts ♥ JAustenJewelleryDesign

Lemonade and Lamingtons Squintessential Damselfly Gemma

There have been some totally stunning items, innovative and just purely beautiful, you will be spoilt for choice.

Personal Mini Treasury!

As a little treat to myself today, I listed two items, but one sold this morning! A little display fossil within a rock matrix bearing lots of fossil fragments. Therefore today, I am going to give a mini treasury of some of my personal favourite listings during June that are still available.

If you would like to review some of the other items in June Loon's Shops and even in mine, then please click on the pictures to see the full details and look at what else there is to offer too. Thank you!

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Penultimate June Loon Blog!

Silver medal position in the June Loon Race to the end of the month! I can't believe we only have one more day of the June Loons!

It was amazing that so many Loons decided to list blue items today that I am going to show you a montage of Blues, to go with the summery weather and tans we may be accumulating.

June Loon Treasury!

Paulaz Jewelz HeloiseV CraftyMushroom

Spotty N Stripy ♥ Lonely Hearts ♥ JAustenJewelleryDesign

Blue goes so well with silver, so a perfect choice for our silver penultimate listings today! If you love these summery blues, please click on the photo’s, or links below, to see these items in full detail as well as the other wonderful items these Folksters have created. Thank you!

Personal Mini Treasury!

My own listing today was also a summery Aqua Blue, in the shape of a summery, yet fluffy handbag, with clear handles that have air bubbles in them, so reminding me of water, this could be a water Nymph or a mermaid’s purse, for a little water baby in your household or even a full grown water baby with a love of anything quirky or unique!

If you would like to dive into a sea of blues in the Loons today, please click on the pictures to see the full details and look at what else there is to offer too. Thank you!

Monday, 28 June 2010

June Loons Day 28!

Almost there!

The June Loon Listing Challenge is now on Day 28! Wow Wee!! We are almost at the conclusion!!! Who would have thought that we have kept going for 28 days, most of listing everyday and some Loons listing more than once a day! Phew!

Today I listed one of my display pieces, a slightly different ammonite fossil from the ones I have listed before, as this one was located on the wonderful coastline of Yorkshire!

Still Jurassic and over 180 million years old, but with a tighter internal ring structure and in a much denser rock formation. If interested in fossils, please review the full details in my folsky shop.

June Loon Treasury!

Some of my favourite items from the June Loons listing today are shown below, chosen because they made me smile or just spoke to me.First we have a beautiful little girls t shirt from Polka Dots and Posies.

Next we have a stunning beadwork jewellery set from Mildunkey Beads, such a vibrant shade of blue and perfect for the summer!

This little New Home Greeting card from Crafty Mushroom really made me smile!

Then we had some stunning crustal earrings from Damselfly Gemma, such a pretty smoky shade of blue!

And finally but by no means least, we have one of my favourite gemstones incorporated in a lovely necklace by Blue Forest Jewellery, wonderful Mookaite!

Please take a look at all the wonderful items that are available in their shops as they have worked so hard on this challenge and have created some absolutely stunning peices for us all to admire!

New Venture!

Gift Voucher Trial!

I have decided to have a little experiment and have a trail venture in selling gift certificate vouchers in my Folksy Shop, leading up to Christmas and if the venture is successful, then they may become a permanent feature in my shop.
The vouchers will be available in £5.00 and £10.00 amounts, and multiple purchase of vouchers can be combined into one voucher if you choose, and printed with the one figure purchase price, i.e. if a person buys two £10.00 vouchers and emails me to let me know, they can be sent one voucher with a total of £20.00.

Each certificate gift voucher will have a unique reference number, which must be quoted when redeeming it against purchase and full instructions will be sent when a voucher is purchased.

I have decided not to list an expiry date, so vouchers are valid for life, but only redeemable with a valid reference code, of course I will be keeping a record of each unique reference code and when it has been redeemed, to avoid any confusion or duplication.

Vouchers will only be redeemable on NOfkantsCurios products, either through the folksy shop or in person at craft fairs for example, and in that case the voucher will have to be presented, so that it can be assessed as valid.

Gosh there was so much to think of when deciding to go with a voucher scheme! Thankfully the kind Folksy crew of artisans and admin alike, were wonderful in giving advice and information, Thank you all so much!

I have decided also for the trial period, to have free P&P on the vouchers, as an additional incentive. The vouchers will be printed on card and enveloped, to be sent to either the purchaser or the recipient, depending on instruction choices of the purchaser. Of course they can also opt to have the voucher sent via email.

Space has been left for a personal message to be included, which can either be printed by me in advance, or left blank to be done in person by the purchaser.

I would love to know what everyone thinks of the idea and if you have had experience of selling vouchers, how it works for you!

Exited to see how things work out. I have already listed them in my shop and the listing ending date is by happy coincidence the 25th December 2010, so could not be more perfect for my trail!

June Loons, Day 27!

Football Flop!

Lets cheer ourselves up!

After the poor showing this evening by our national team against Germany, I felt we needed to cheer ourselves up and celebrate good things!

I have missed a few days blogging, just too much to do in to little time! I have chosen today to list items of luxury and pampering for everyone disillusioned by the football showing, just to cheer ourselves up by looking at lovely stuff!

June Loon Treasury!

Maxine Veronica Imogen's Imagination Dottie Designs

Northfield Primitives Spotty N Stripy JAustenJewelleryDesign

Please support your National Folksy Team, even if we can’t support our footie team anymore during the world cup, so please, please support your British crafters and artisans within Folksy and especially those of us in the June Loons! Click on the photo’s, or links below, to see these items in full detail as well as the other wonderful items these Folksters have created. Thank you!

Personal Mini Treasury!

My own listing today was a touch of luxury, chocolate coloured yarn with a red satin style lining and two vintage black and gold glass buttons for closure.

If you would like making richness and luxury in your life, hop over to my folksy shop by clicking on the pictures. Thank you!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Folksy Friday!


Sunshine! … Weekend looming!! … Footie!!!
I call that BBQ time!!!!

Nothing like a blackened sausage to remind us all the Summer is here!

My hubby is not the greatest cook in the world, will cook basics if he has too, so the children will not starve if I am not around, but come the good weather and the chance to cook and eat outside and suddenly … he’s a chef!
I’m not allowed anywhere near the BBQ, or have any suggestions as to how the items are prepared, cooked or presented.

So in honour of the BBQ and ‘Proper Man Cooking’ has my hubby calls it, I have decided to feature this time honoured summer tradition!

Hippo House Papercake comf shop

Silky Prudence Gerribell shop little bulldog design

If you are feeling in the mood for a BBQ or have a hankering for a burnt sausage or burger, please get your tongs at the ready and visit these crafter’s featured today by clicking on the photo’s, or links below and see these items in full detail as well as the other wonderful items these Folksters have created. Thank you!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

July Gemstone Give-Away!

Massive Gemstone Give-Away!

I have decided to have another give-away and I hope it is something that people will really get into and treasure, because that is what you will win!

The give-away is for one of my Gemstone Keyrings, or handbag charms if you prefer, and the winner can choose ANY gemstone keyring in my shop!
Yep, you read that correctly, any gemstone Keyring / handbag charm at all!

All you need to do to enter is to:

Be a follower of my blog.
Leave a comment to tell us what is your favourite gemstone and why.
Leave a comment on which gemstone keyring or keyrings you like and why you would like to win one.

Ideas might include, colour of the gemstone, meaning, shape or even believed healing or mystical properties of the gemstone.

Small Sample Gemstone Keyring / Handbag Charm Treasury.

There are many more on view in my shop!

The winning entry will be chosen on the evening of Friday 2nd of July 2010!

If you would like to see what else I have to offer in my shop, please pop across and view my curios!