Sunday, 6 June 2010

June Handbag Giveaway!

Handbags Away!

Have not done a giveaway for a month, so thought it would be a good time to celebrate the sunshine we have had with something to take on an outing, or out for an occasion!

If you are lucky enough to have a social life or an occasion to attend, join in with my handbag giveaway, to win any handbag in my shop, your choice!

Handbag Gallery!

Just a few of the handbags that can be found in my Folksy shop, you do not have to choose one of these, but of course you may if the mood takes you.

Russet Glory

Grape Delight
Chocolate Marl

Aran Turquoise

How to Enter the Handbag Give-Away!
  • All you need to do is become a follower, or be an existing follower of my blog,
  • leave a comment as to why you would like to win one of my handbags,
  • and what occasion you might like to use it for!

    If you would like to let others know of the handbag give-away that would be great too!

Looking forward to reading your comments, and living vicariously through you as I do not have a social life, which is obvious by the amount of time I spend in the forums on Folksy!

Winning entry / comment will be picked on the evening of Thursday the 17th June, which is my Mummy's Birthday and yes I do still call her Mummy, I know I am 43 yrs old, but there we go! Got to love your Mummy when she's as lovely as mine!


  1. Like you I don't have a social life , my life seems to centre round running about after my lovely pregnant daughter and little grandson ! My friends are Folksy Forum users , lovely, lovely, lovely people !
    BUT - I would love one of your handbag, I deserve a little treat, and it would be a treasured posession !

  2. I forget what a social life is too so you're not alone girls! I love your new turquoise bag and would love to win it. I would make it my excuse for HAVING to have a night out just to show it off! Di x

  3. Another saddo here with no social life but i love the russet glory bag and may be tempted out of my hermit status if i had a bag as beautiful as this to show off :-)

  4. Oh dear I already have far to many bags with not many places to use them! but love that turquoise one Natalie. Really beautiful work :)

  5. Hi Natalie

    I would love one of your bags and I have a particular you have for sale I love. I may treat myself or better still I may win this lovely giveaway. The one I have in mind I would take wherever I go because it is perfect for every occassion


  6. I would love to win one of your bags because I am obsessed with handbags basically, and I love yours! My mum will kill me if I have yet another bag at home, but she will let me off when she sees how lovely it is!

    Stacey (JewelleryAngel) x

  7. Gosh such a lovely response already and all from such wonderful peeps!

    Sounds like most of us could do with an occasion to go to.

    Natalie x

  8. These are really gorgeous, love the chocolate marl one. I like the fact they are knitted and a bit different. Think I would use it as an everyday bag (love the bead detail)

    Yvonne x

  9. Oh, I want one, but I dont have a social life either. I am going to T in the park in July, so I could take it there with me:)

  10. social life????? what exactly is one of those? cant remember the last time i went anywhere or socialised (that doesnt include playgroup or childrens parties!) but if i was lucky enough to win one of your bags maybe it would be a very good excuse for me to go out(just to show of the bag), if i dont win i will continue being billy no mates! he he..... love your bags natalie. x

  11. I have no social life neither, but if I was lucky enought to win 1 of your bags, I would definately have to go out, so I could show off your bag that I won, I love them all.

    I have just followed you im 170

  12. Cornflower meadow and spring beads are my favourites in your shop! Now having a toddler, I don't need such a large bag when heading to play groups! Play groups have become my "social life". Ah to have a discussion that didn't revolve around dirty nappies and nap times!

  13. Not sure I can help with the social life - my work-life balance fell over a long time ago :( I adore the storm cloud crochet bag though it's really pretty! I would use it as an everyday bag thus convincing the students I am indeed trendy :)

  14. I neeeed to win that Grape Delight bag! It's in one of my favourite colours and I love love love the strap! As any woman will know, the only reason to need something is to want it! Want=Need!!

  15. I have a horrible black rucksack that i take everywhere as it so practical for the kids stuff, shopping, dogs etc
    But one day I would like to wow everyone with a really nice 'lady' bag !! and your aran turquoise or chocolate marl bag looks just perfect!! and the russet glory would go with my dark hair! lovely work, keep it up!

  16. I realy do not have a social life, but would love one of your bags to treasure. Even if I never took it outside for the world to see, I would have a 'Natalie Ofkants' Original all of my own! Who needs a social life when you have designer handbags????

    Love your work - super duper!!!

    Jacqueline x

  17. I really like the grape delight bag. I don't have any handbags apart from a gold one from my gran over 10 years ago, which I'm not sure is actually meant to be a handbag anyway, it might be a makeup bag, and on the rare occasion I go somewhere in a dress I'm always stuck where to put my bits and bobs!

  18. Great giveaway Natalie. I'm not entering for 2 reasons- I have been a lucky bunny recently in blog giveaways and I'm determined to make my next handbag.
    If I was entering I'd pick Purples Galore as its yummy!

  19. Ooh, what an amazing giveaway, I'm going to be looking into your shop soon as a have a fossil mad friend who's birthday it is soon, so I'd love to enter!! Purple is my very favourite colour ever, I had it within my wedding and it looked lovely - I love your 'Grape Delight' bag, it's so cool! Maybe it will spur me on to go out, as I don't have as much of a life at the moment!! xxx

  20. The aran turquoise is lovely. Could use it on the school run which is about as social as I get at the mo x

  21. Thanks to everyone who has entered so far!!!

    Yippee, only a day to go until the winning name is drawn out of the bag!

    We all sound like we need a good night out! LOL!

    Natalie x

  22. Wow! Spectacular giveaway! I just spent ages in your shop as your handbags are all so different and lovely in their own ways. My very favourite is the floral patchwork one

    Really stunning!

    Happy Birthday to your Mummy!

    Dottie x

  23. A girl can never have enough handbags. I would like one to add to my collection and then I can use lots all the time