Friday, 25 June 2010

Folksy Friday!


Sunshine! … Weekend looming!! … Footie!!!
I call that BBQ time!!!!

Nothing like a blackened sausage to remind us all the Summer is here!

My hubby is not the greatest cook in the world, will cook basics if he has too, so the children will not starve if I am not around, but come the good weather and the chance to cook and eat outside and suddenly … he’s a chef!
I’m not allowed anywhere near the BBQ, or have any suggestions as to how the items are prepared, cooked or presented.

So in honour of the BBQ and ‘Proper Man Cooking’ has my hubby calls it, I have decided to feature this time honoured summer tradition!

Hippo House Papercake comf shop

Silky Prudence Gerribell shop little bulldog design

If you are feeling in the mood for a BBQ or have a hankering for a burnt sausage or burger, please get your tongs at the ready and visit these crafter’s featured today by clicking on the photo’s, or links below and see these items in full detail as well as the other wonderful items these Folksters have created. Thank you!


  1. Typical man! So why is it in my house I end up doing the bbq-ing? Did I marry a defective one?! :op
    Lovely finds. What a unique scrapbook

  2. Hubby does not consider himself barbeque king but neighbour does so we just pop there, shame he is away but back in July until Sept so we'll get a couple from him. xx
    Fiona @ Christals Creations.

  3. Great choices, love that burger! x

  4. Thank you so much for including my apron.

  5. Kebab earrings!! Obvious really!!

  6. ohhhh BBQ season is upon us :) yes!!!
    love the burger book and the crocheted jug cover!
    have a lovely weekend Natalie xx

  7. excellent choice-must have bbq this weekend!

  8. Sunny choices...those earrings make me smile (-:

    have a great weekend Natalie and hope your sausages don't get too burnt!

  9. We were drooling last weekend getting wafts of barbecued meat from next door - and yes the man was cooking! Maybe I should suggest he wears a pair of those cute kebab earrings this weekend - hehe. x