Friday, 4 June 2010

June Loons Day 4!

Such a Beautiful Day!

The weather today has been stunning, beautiful sunshine and high temperatures!
As usual when we have a few warm days, our weather forecasters let us know that there will be thunderclouds and rain approaching, which apparently is due to hit us on Sunday!

But what happens when you have sunshine and rain together?
Beautiful rainbows!

I have therefore today decided to look for rainbow hues from the June Loons!

June Loon Treasury!

Stunning items from the June Loons today, jewellery items chosen for rainbow colours!

Just click on the pics. Please pop over the rainbow and take a peek at the other pots of gold in these artisans shops!

Personal Mini Treasury!

My item today does not really fit with the rainbow theme, a hand knitted and crocheted handbag, in chocolate brown and beige marl, with vintage glass beads incorporated in the handle, secured with my funny little crochet ladder.

Although not in a rainbow theme, I would still be as dance like a happy leprechaun if you popped across to take look!


  1. Thank you for posting my Dragonfly Dreams necklace today.

  2. Hi Nat

    Thanks for featuring my earrings! Great items as usual.


  3. Awww thanks for posting my bracelet on your blog Nat!

    Paula x

  4. Thank You Natalie for including my Stars Necklace, I am pleased to be in such good company.

    Max x

  5. Lovely bright colourful picks there Natalie. Love your handbag too.
    Hope the fair went/is going well

  6. Thanks peeps. Gemma, managed to bring home £8.00, lol! But handed out cards and received some lovely comments!

    Natalie x