Friday, 11 June 2010

Fossil Fun Frolics!

Any one who knows me, or has been for a stroll around my folksy shop, will know that I am a bit of a fossil fiend, something to do with my grey cells being fossilised no doubt!

I find it fascinating that ammonites can still be discovered, when they are in fact over 180 Million years old! That is just staggering! And I feel that owning, or giving a fossil is almost like a good luck and longevity charm! Soppy maybe, but still a beautiful thing to own, be they in their natural state, or polished up into amazing display pieces or jewellery items.

A adore fossils in all their varieties and so do the wonderful Folk and Folksy!
I ‘dug’ around in lots of peoples shops, ‘chipping’ away at the categories of ‘unearth’ fossil finds from jewellery to notebooks. Sorry awful play on words!

Fossil Tastic Treasury! TreeGems

If you like me, enjoy fossils in your life, revel in the age and magnificence of fossils, be they ammonites, fossil corral or any other variety and enjoy seeing them in harmony with other products and mediums, please click on the pictures to be transported back in time and space to these folksy sellers shops for a closer inspection!

Thank you!


  1. It is staggering, they are amazing things - its like a time machine.
    Thank you for sharing these fossils with us and for including my necklace too

  2. ahhh theres that notebook again, i love it so much, someday it will be mine :)
    great theme as always Natalie
    have a lovely weekend, Kellie x

  3. I'm rather taken with the lovely fossil coral pendant - all fab finds as usual. x Shaz

  4. All stunning! I especially love the coral pendant :)

  5. they are all really lovely :)

  6. Thank you again for your support Natalie! I love your fossil selection - just fab!

  7. I love fossils too. I used to go fossil hunting down in folkestone when I was little with my Dad, so when M&D came down here to visit recently we popped over to Barton-on-sea for a bit of a nostalgic hunt. Picked up some great fossilised shells. I'm thinking of setting them in resin and making pendants.
    Great fossily finds. I especially love Tree Gem's Sycamore Sketchbook
    ps- parcel of crafty bits on the way

  8. I adore fossils, as I am sure you can tell and you are all quite welcome, it was my totally my pleasure induging myself with your lovely items!

    Gemma, I think the resin fossil shell pendants sound really interesting! And thank you sweetie for thinking of my little girl and crafty bits and bobs! Will have to do a blog on what she has made with everything!

    Natalie x

  9. What a great selection, they are all lovely.