Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Loons Golden Blog!

Gold medal position, the June Loon Race has come to the end of the month! I can't believe we have completed the challenge to list an item a day in our Folksy shops. for the whole of June!

Some mad fools listed more than one item a day and some were ‘limp’ along loons, listing as and when they could, but still taking part in a physical and mental challenge of listing throughout June!

The madness continues into July, when the July Jesters will get underway!

The Loons have had differing degrees of success! Some have been super sellers with phenomenal sales and some have had more moderate sales. Personally, it has been the best month for me ever, with 15 sales this month! Whoopee! That equates to one every other day! I just find that amazing!

We have been posting our sales tally in the daily Folksy Forum thread, to spur ourselves on, so we can all celebrate with those making sales, but I’m sure Liz will not mind me mentioning that she made a fantabulous 100 sales in June.
She is our Loon Queen, all hail Liz!
The Little Bead Box

Having a quick count up, it looks like 43 differing June Loons Shops had sales in June!
That is just wonderful!

June Loon Gold Treasury!

I would love to show you something from everyone, but there really would not be space, so am just going to show a double sized treasury from throughout June Loons, of items that are still for sale. Please just click on the picture to be taken to their shops for full details.

Maxine Veronica Northfield Primitives The Little Bead Box

Paulaz Jewelz HeloiseV CraftyMushroom

Spotty N Stripy ♥ Lonely Hearts ♥ JAustenJewelleryDesign

Lemonade and Lamingtons Squintessential Damselfly Gemma

There have been some totally stunning items, innovative and just purely beautiful, you will be spoilt for choice.

Personal Mini Treasury!

As a little treat to myself today, I listed two items, but one sold this morning! A little display fossil within a rock matrix bearing lots of fossil fragments. Therefore today, I am going to give a mini treasury of some of my personal favourite listings during June that are still available.

If you would like to review some of the other items in June Loon's Shops and even in mine, then please click on the pictures to see the full details and look at what else there is to offer too. Thank you!


  1. Thanks for featuring my pendant Natalie! Gorgeous other picks too. Jacqueline's ring is gorgeous and I love Lisa's cutlery roll and Hannah's earrings.
    Your 'malachite' keyring is great too. Love the colours. Thanks for being an amazing loon organiser and encourager. Wouldn't have made it without you

  2. Thank you Natalie, lovely choices, I can't quite belive I have said yes to the July one too, my shop will be stuffed! ah well roll on Christmas I say!

    Max x

  3. Thanks for including a card from me again today! Well done on your fantastic 15 sales - I hope this level of sales continues for everyone taking part in the July challenge! x

  4. Thanks for featuring my coffee card, Natalie, I think we all need to relax with a cuppa after our hard work! Gorgeous items from everyone as always. I have really wnjoyed being a June Loon, thanks for all your support!

    Debbie x

  5. What a month it's been!!!!! Well done to everyone that took part. And a BIG thanks to you Natalie for keeping tally of it all, I don't know how you did it!

  6. end of June already eeek! thanks for your hard work Natalie :)

  7. We couldn't have done it without you Natalie!

    Alison x

  8. Aww Thanks Peeps, but it really was a joint effort from us all and it was my pleasure to feature your items in various blogs throughout June.

    See you soon those carrying on to become Jesters, and keep in touch those that are not.

    Natalie x

  9. Very impressed with you all! Hope I can get myself organised for for an 'Awesome August' session! & inbetween you need to have a relaxing holiday Natalie! x Shaz

  10. Thank you once again Natalie for including some of my flowers. And thanks for all your hard work, you've been amazing!

  11. Amazing selection. Looking forward to July:)

  12. Thank you so much for featuring my amethyst ring!A a BIG THANK YOU for all the support you have given me in your blogs and for so many others who have taken part as June Loons. I am looking forward to the July Jesters and the challenges that will bring with the school hols and all. Fantastic blog - love your selection, Natalie. Really like the bat earrings!

    Jacqueline x

  13. Thanks for all your messages Peeps.

    I love Hannah's Bat earrings too, so much so, that she has made me a pair of my very own, as I had bat envy, I'm looking forward to wearing them in October especially!

    Natalie x

  14. Thanks for including one of my necklaces in your treaury. I don't mind you mentioning my sales at all, but I could not have done it without the friendship and support of the folksy folk, especially the June Loons. Thank-you so much for keeping us all in check, Natlaie.
    Now, where did I put that silly hat?

  15. I am newbie and would be part of July Jesters.This really will push to limit.