Thursday, 17 June 2010

June Give-away Winner!

And the Winner is!

The June Handbag Give-away had a lovely response, thank you so much!

What I will say, is that most of us need to get out and have a girls night out, or just generally need an excuse to do some socialising, or be invited to an occasion of some sort, bless us, we are all hoping someone with knock on the door with a fab opportunity of a day trip or party invite!

My Beautiful daughter was very insistent and excited to be involved.... again!

And I was under strict instructions to wait until she came home from school, so she could pick the winner!

As it was a bit breezy outside, she laid a blanket on the floor in the living room, picnic style for some reason had to occur, and carefully folded all the names of those entered, which had been written on and cut out from an old envelope - got to recycle!

Once all the names had been carefully double folded, they were placed in one of Mummy's handbags!

Making sure she looked away, so not tempted to cheat, she gave the names a twizzle and picked one out!

And the winner is ..... (drum roll) .... Di from Aiden Crafts!

Thank you to all those who entered and I'll update this blog with the picture of the handbag chosen in due course!

Update on Winning Choice!

This the the Bag that Di chose, Aran Turquoise, fully lined with 100% white cotton and double clear lucite oval handles! Enjoy!


  1. Thank you so much to you and to your daughter, please tell her she has made my day, it's like Christmas! - plus I have a night out to look forward to now! Di x

  2. Congrats Di and great choice

  3. Well done. Nat I love how much your daughter gets involved. It's fab. My wee boy got into my stringing materials box yesterday and made a huge mess. Don't suppose he is going to be as interested when he gets to her age though. :o(

    Fiona @ Christals Creations