Saturday, 12 June 2010

June Loons Day 12!

Personal Mini Treasury!

Today I listed one my gemstone keyrings, or handbag charms, if you prefer. A Foxy Fluorite with silvertone findings, but he was so pretty that he ran off with the lovely Hannah after only a few hours in my shop!

Foxy Fluorite!

So …. I decided to list another item to replace it, a rustic style handbag in raw Aran yarn, with a natural sea shell feature detail along the front edges.

If you would like a more in-depth look, the item and a full description can be found in my folksy shop, just click on the photo.

Azure and Aqua Tones.

Having listed something with a seaside inspiration, I took a look at what the June Loons had listed to find some azure’s and aqua tones to make my sea shells feel at home. I was not disappointed, obviously we Loons are on the same ‘Wave’ length.

June Loon Treasury!

If you like me, you enjoy these items and would like to see more of them, then please click on the photo’s and cruise over to their Folksy shops to see where their items are harboured. Thank you!


  1. Thanks Natalie again for featuring my item! And the fox is far too cute. Hannah. x

  2. Love your new seashell bag! Thanks for including my earrings in the collection.

    Alison x

  3. Such a lovely se;lection. love those little blue bugs:) Thanks for showing my necklace,

  4. Thank you for including my bracelet Natalie. Lovely colours today.

    Max x

  5. I love that purple fluorite. I'm working on a commission that had to be purple and found it quite hard getting stones I liked, I found some lovely stripey fluorite eventually. I love that aqua butterfly necklace too :)

  6. Ohhh I do miss these daily listings. Still lovely to see what you all up to when I get the chance.
    Hope it going well for everyone. :o)