Friday, 11 June 2010

Bygone Era’s!

Having done a Fossil Focus Folksy Friday blog, I was feeling nostalgic and taking a look at the Loons entries so far today, I noticed there were some vintage and retro themed items I felt deserved a little prominence today!

Not all the items are vintage, but it seems to me that the do have a feel, flavour or leaning toward a bygone era! At least they do in my eye!
The items chosen just caught my eye and made me feel warm and cosy, hope they do for you too.

June Loon Treasury!

If you like me, you enjoy these items and would like to see more of them, then please click on the photo’s travel back to view their items in situ within their folksy shops. Thank you!

Personal Mini Treasury!

Today I have listed one my gemstone keyrings or handbag charms, if you prefer. The gemstone is part of the vast Jasper family and is known as African Blood Jasper, not a particularly pleasant name for such a pretty stone.

If you would like a more in-depth look, the item and a full description can be found in my folksy shop, just click on the photo.


  1. Thank you Natalie!! :)

    Just noticed in the bit above your own pics it talks about a handbag though lol!!

  2. LOL! Thank you , I've taken it out now, I was falling asleep writing it, editing from the previous post, must have missed that bit.

    Well done to you, Super seller! Although some of the other Loons are chasing your tail.

    Natalie x

  3. Thank-you Natalie for including my big old rabbit! You are such a star!

    Sarah x

  4. One of my top favourite Folksy shops is Northfield Primitives - so I'm selfishly pleased that she's joined the June Loons and we're seeing lots of lovely new/old creatures! x Great post as usual Natalie - have a good weekend. Shaz.

  5. Great picks as ever Natalie