Monday, 28 June 2010

New Venture!

Gift Voucher Trial!

I have decided to have a little experiment and have a trail venture in selling gift certificate vouchers in my Folksy Shop, leading up to Christmas and if the venture is successful, then they may become a permanent feature in my shop.
The vouchers will be available in £5.00 and £10.00 amounts, and multiple purchase of vouchers can be combined into one voucher if you choose, and printed with the one figure purchase price, i.e. if a person buys two £10.00 vouchers and emails me to let me know, they can be sent one voucher with a total of £20.00.

Each certificate gift voucher will have a unique reference number, which must be quoted when redeeming it against purchase and full instructions will be sent when a voucher is purchased.

I have decided not to list an expiry date, so vouchers are valid for life, but only redeemable with a valid reference code, of course I will be keeping a record of each unique reference code and when it has been redeemed, to avoid any confusion or duplication.

Vouchers will only be redeemable on NOfkantsCurios products, either through the folksy shop or in person at craft fairs for example, and in that case the voucher will have to be presented, so that it can be assessed as valid.

Gosh there was so much to think of when deciding to go with a voucher scheme! Thankfully the kind Folksy crew of artisans and admin alike, were wonderful in giving advice and information, Thank you all so much!

I have decided also for the trial period, to have free P&P on the vouchers, as an additional incentive. The vouchers will be printed on card and enveloped, to be sent to either the purchaser or the recipient, depending on instruction choices of the purchaser. Of course they can also opt to have the voucher sent via email.

Space has been left for a personal message to be included, which can either be printed by me in advance, or left blank to be done in person by the purchaser.

I would love to know what everyone thinks of the idea and if you have had experience of selling vouchers, how it works for you!

Exited to see how things work out. I have already listed them in my shop and the listing ending date is by happy coincidence the 25th December 2010, so could not be more perfect for my trail!


  1. What a fantastic idea Natalie! Perfect for Christmas gifts, why did I not think of this!!!

  2. that's a brilliant idea, they look really good, did you do them yourself?

    good luck with them!

    Sharon :)

  3. Thank you, yes I made them myself, just wanted them to look unique to my shop and also less easy to duplicate.

    Natalie x

  4. Great idea. I'll be interested in how it goes

  5. That looks like a very good idea indeed - keep us updated!

    Lisa x