Thursday, 24 June 2010

July Gemstone Give-Away!

Massive Gemstone Give-Away!

I have decided to have another give-away and I hope it is something that people will really get into and treasure, because that is what you will win!

The give-away is for one of my Gemstone Keyrings, or handbag charms if you prefer, and the winner can choose ANY gemstone keyring in my shop!
Yep, you read that correctly, any gemstone Keyring / handbag charm at all!

All you need to do to enter is to:

Be a follower of my blog.
Leave a comment to tell us what is your favourite gemstone and why.
Leave a comment on which gemstone keyring or keyrings you like and why you would like to win one.

Ideas might include, colour of the gemstone, meaning, shape or even believed healing or mystical properties of the gemstone.

Small Sample Gemstone Keyring / Handbag Charm Treasury.

There are many more on view in my shop!

The winning entry will be chosen on the evening of Friday 2nd of July 2010!

If you would like to see what else I have to offer in my shop, please pop across and view my curios!


  1. My fav is def the labroadite heart keyring because the colours shimmer.

  2. My favourite is the picture jasper elephant in your shop because I love jasper.

  3. Oh, my favourite stone is Flourite...or is it Hematite... or shall I go for Rock Crystal?, I think it'll be Tiger Eye...but I'm quite partial to real Turquoise and Malachite. Then again, Blue Lace Agate is beautiful and light, just right for this time of year.
    In short, I ADORE gemstones. I've made and sold jewellery using all these stones, though not in the same piece of course! I just don't know what to say for my favourite. I can narrow it down to Rock Crystal, Flourite and Tiger Eye - will that be close enough? Why do I like them? What's not to like - they're wonderfully wonderful!
    The choice of lovely charm isn't easy either, but I would go for something I've not used, so my favs would be the Shimmering Labradorite or the African Blood Jasper.
    Have I said enough to qualify as an entrant?
    Fingers crossed.

  4. Liz you and I are so alike!

    Good thing we're in the Loons!

    Natalie x

  5. Oh it's so difficult to choose; they are all beautiful - I prefer these sorts of stones to precious ones because they are just so much more interesting. I like darker coloured stones especially the darker agates and things with irregular patterns where you can see individual the crystals of the consitiuent minerals.

    I really like this: having spent so long over the years up to my knees in mud and rock chippings searching for fossils. I love the fact it is a snapshot of life as well as a really pretty thing.

    But then I'm also a goldfish person, so the little angelfish is very very cute too! sarah x

  6. ohh they're all lovely! If I had to choose one it would be the Amazonite because of it's healing properties. The little fish is cute too :)

  7. Ooh! I love your keyrings! I've got my eye on the Pink Dream Leaf one. Ok, now I'd like to win something!!

  8. If I had to choose I would choose the 3rd one on the top right hand corner, as I love blue

  9. I forgot to say who I am, what a nurd, lizzy from dollysemporium

  10. Ooooooh oooh oooh! You're so generous Natalie!
    My a few of my favouritist gemstones in no particular order are alexandrite (for the colour change), flourite (great mix of colours), carnelian (fantastic colour), labradorite (amazing chatoyancy), malachite (hard to believe its natural), marcasite (shiny), opal (again with the chatoyancy), ammolite (love the fact its a fossil and a gemstone), tourmaline (especially where there's more than one colour in a gem)..... I could go on. In fact what gemstones don't you like would be a much easier questions-NONE!!

    If I won I think I'd have to go for the labradorite heart. Its soooooo beautiful. (If its not completely awful to say- I'd prob take it of the key chain though, give it a silver bail and pop it round my neck)


  11. I don't have a favourite, there are so many gorgeous stones, tons of amazing agates, beautiful jaspers, delicate amazonite...............
    I think I'd go for the obsidian frog, it's really cute.

  12. Oh My loving it, this is my fav Snowflake Obsidian Jasper Gemstone carved Frog Keyring

    it would go nicely with my new Tree frog tattoo!!

  13. I would have to go for one of the foxy items. They look just like my little dog. We are often asked by children is she is a fox.

  14. My favourite gem stone is Whitby Jet, it goes with absolutely anything, my next is tiger's eye, that is why i would choose the heart key-ring.

    ruth x

  15. I love the different shades of agate you can get, from crazy lace to deep moss green.

    Your keyrings are lovely and so difficult to choose I like the midnight fox and lavender jade ones.

    Thanks for giving us the chance to win one.

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  17. Wow so many of you know so much about these beautiful stones - I haven't a clue and feel very ignorant next to you! So ... my favourite is the African Blood Jasper Heart Pendant Keyring/Handbag charm purely for the red and charcoal colour combination which is gorgeous (plus it is already one of my 'favourited' items!) x

  18. Think I like the labarodite one the best. I love the way the colours change as the light hits it.

  19. I love all gemstones! I thik my favourite gemstone is Tourmaline as I love all the colours it comes in and it is a little bit different from all the other gems. A close second would be Chrome Diopside - I just love the deep green colour.I also love Tanzanite, especially AAAA grade! If I was lucky enough to win one of your key rings, I think I would go for the Labradorite. Another one of my favourite stones - I use it a lot in my jewellery designs. It is a cousin to Moonstone - yet another of my faves! I LOVE GEMS!!!! What more can I say??? Good luck to every one who has entered, and thank you Natalie for this really generous give away.

    Jacqueline x

  20. i can't name just one favourite as it changes from day to day

    i love malachite, labradorite, charoite, mookaite jasper, dalmation jasper, snowflake obsidian...the list could go on but I will stop there, guess it really depends on my mood as to what is calling to me on each and every day :)

    as for the keyring I like in your shop, thats easy cuz I love snowflake obsidian and I have a thing for frogs........

    Sharon :)

  21. hi Natalie, what a gorgeous giveaway! i love the colours in the Amazonite...reminds me of the sea :)

  22. Hi

    Everytime I visit your shop I always have a look at your Shimmering Labradorite heart pendant. It is so beautiful x

  23. I know nothing about gemstones but I do lurve the African Blood Jasper heart in your shop mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Great giveaway Natalie ...
    trish xx

  24. Hi Natalie
    What a lovely giveaway. One of my favourites is the Shimmering Labradorite Heart Pendant Keyring / Handbag charm.
    I just love hearts

  25. Hi Natalie
    I would say my favourite gemstone item on your Folksy page is the little midnight fox. Our favourite family film is Fantastic Mr Fox and so it reminds me of snuggling with my kids watching the film. Also because of its anti arthritic properties, it would do my ever aching joints some good. Love your stuff.

  26. I love the unakite mushroom one in the pic above for no other reason than it's just so sweet!

    Sarah x

  27. I'm with dillydollydaydream on this has to be the cute mushroom! Unakite has such a lovely energy too. If I were fortunate enough to win, this would be my choice. Good luck everyone!

    Carole x