Monday, 30 May 2011

P .. P .. Pick Up A Penguin!

P ... P ... Pick Up A Penguin!

On a parky Bank Holiday Monday, where they actually forecast snow for the top of the Scottish mountains, I have some unseasonal little critters to show you, that will probably prefer the cooler climate!

Penguin Parade!

Some pretty penguins full of love, fun, humour and creative talent are all on parade for you today.

A variety of mediums, styles and textures and all with their own character and penguin charm.

As always please click on the picture to waddle across to the shop in question.

My own little felt and yarn embroidered ACEO of Penguin Love.
A beautiful marching penguin print.

Gorgeous Painted and dyed T'shirt!

Any child would love the beautiful penguin kit bag!

Perfect Penguin necklace for any snow princess.

Cute and Adorable Penguin suncatcher!

If you have enjoyed my penguin parade please join in with the march of the penguins and pay a visit to these worthy artisans and crafters shops.

Thank you!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Folksy Friday! Topical!

Topical Event!

I thought I would showcase some items today around a topical event that has been featuring on the news of late!

Any guesses as to the event?

Please leave your suggestions in the comments box.

Topical Feature Gallery!

I have some explosive and 'smokin' exciting items for you today, so don't delay in taking a closer view of them in their shop setting, by clicking on the picture, you'll drift and float over to their location where you can settle down for an extended stay.

Sorry couldn't help myself! LOL!

I hope you have enjoyed our sojourn into the topical events and hopefully I have not made it too difficult for you to guess, I'm sure the answer will erupt forth as you view these lovely items.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Home Safe and Sound!

Thank you everyone who sent my son good wishes and congratulations on passing his test and for his car purchase. Well we went today, so he could hand over the dosh and collect his cherished first car!

Mummy drove back with him, with Daddy behind in our car, a bit nerve racking (for me) but we got home in one piece!

Just thought you might like to see him with his pride and joy!

Thank you one and all, now for a bucket of tea to calm my nerves, as he has gone out alone to his football game! Argh!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Driving Mayhem!

Car Alert!

My wonderful eldest son passed his driving tests, (plural these days, with the theory and then the practical) in March and been looking ever since for a little 1.1 or 1.2 car to give him his mobile independence.

Well today is the day he found his little car, a cheep little run around, which I am sure will be his pride and joy, the only problem being the insurance is three times the cost of his car! Phew!

To try and make the insurance costs more manageable for him, we will pay it and then he'll pay us in instalments, worked out around £80 less a month for him to do it that way, plus if he forgets to pay me, I'll forget to wash his clothes, or even worse, tumble dry his jumpers and t'shirts so they are all too short for him. LOL!

Driving Mayhem!

So in honour of the occasion I have found some car themed items to show you today, if you would like a closer look at the items, please 'indicate' by clicking on the picture and 'drive' straight to the shop for the full 'MOT breakdown.'

I hope you have enjoyed your 'drive' through this lovely 'car lot'!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sporting Sunday!

Sporting Mayhem!

I'm having a lovely sporting Sunday, the Grand Prix followed by the football, bliss!

I know many of you are not overtly sporting fans, and some of the sports I enjoy 'watching' are traditionally seen as more for the gents than the ladies, but I do get very involved and make my hubby giggle at the little squeals and gasps I make, as racing cars get close to each other, or the rugby player is going for a try!

So for the other sporting fans out there, be they ladies or gents, I thought a little sporting gallery of crafting items might be a good theme for my blog today.

Fit Feature!

As usual, if you would like to see these lovely items in more detail, please just click on the picture to sail, race, fly or swing your way across to these Folksy shops for the full details.

I hope you feel fit and fully charged by these sporting items.

Thank you.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Folksy Friday! Squirrels!


We have a regular visitor in our garden, a cheeky squirrel that makes himself quite at home and scurries about here and there, with very little regard to the human inhabitants watching him.

I love it when nature comes to call.

Twitchy nose and swishing tail, scurry and hurry and bounding for the pure fun of it, very entertaining to watch and a simple pleasure for young and old alike to enjoy from our living room window.

Squirrel Gallery!

I have scurried here and there amongst my folksy friends and found a few more squirrels to admire. Please click on the pictures to see these lovely creations close up and in full detail.

I hope you have enjoyed my squirrel fun this Friday.

Thank you.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Seaside Mayhem!

Oh I do Like to be Beside the Seaside!

Oh I do Like to be Beside the Sea!

After the grey clouds and drizzle of yesterday, the sun was shining once again today, the birds were singing and I felt all summery, pity it was only 15'C, but you can't have everything!

So .... feeling in a beachy mood, I decided to look for some seaside themed mayhem items to show you today!

Iconic and Gorgeous, yummy and scrummy seaside scenes and themes for you to view today. Please take a stroll along the prom and visit these shops by clicking on the pictures.

And finishing off with a very apt sun-catcher in the shape of a delicious ice cream.

I hope you have enjoyed my seaside finds today.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mayhem Keyrings.

Keyrings and Handbag Charms.

Whenever you need a gift for someone who has everything, a simple, practical, useful and often very beautiful gift, for either a lady or a gent is a keyring, which can also double up as a bag charm.

My husband is a keyring fanatic, whenever we visit somewhere, he always seems to find a keyring to commemorate the trip, I am sure we have many more keyrings than keys to pop on them. Hubby also uses them as handy charms for the zips on his bags and cases, so no fiddling with silly little zip tabs.

So it was with hubby in mind that I first started to create my gemstone keyrings, I thought that if we were going to have to have tonnes of keyrings, we might as well have gorgeous ones and I am afraid I now too follow his obsession, however, I manage to part with mine as part of my folksy curios shop.

The latest keyring listed in my shop this morning is a faux malachite tear drop, ideal for anyone who loves green and very tactile too.

Folksy Fob Feature!

It looks like I am not alone in seeing the potential for the humble keyring, as when I decided to look within Folksy for others to feature in my blog today, I was greeted with 128 pages of them to choose from!

So .... I have decided on just a few in differing mediums and styles to show you the breadth of variety on offer within Folksy.

Please just click on the pictures to take a closer look at theses wonderful creations and the see what else these lovely shops have to offer.

I hope you have found that the humble keyring can be exciting and fun too.

Thank you!

Monday, 16 May 2011

Pretty Flamingo!

In the Pink with Pretty Flamingo's!

I was inspired by a brooch created by the lovely Lisamarie, shown at the bottom of this blog feature gallery, to create my own version of a Posing Flamingo, mine as a mixed media, embroidered ACEO, in yarn, felt, card and recycled cotton material.

it is also the latest in my line of bird embroidered pieces.

I therefore took a peek to see what other flamingo and pretty in pink creations I could find to show you today.

Pretty in Pink Flamingo Gallery!

As usual, please click on the pictures, to be transported and view these exotic, imaginative and very pretty pink creations in more detail in their respective shops.

Look perfect in pink in this wonderful pink feathered creation.

The classic Alice and Flamingo pose as a stunning necklace.

Gorgeous Flamingo love print, the perfect gift!

A beautiful and really creative domino tile brooch in another classic Alice pose.

And the beautiful mixed media brooch from Lisamarie, that started me off with my ACEO today.

I hope you have enjoyed my exotic in the pink blog today.
Thank you.