Monday, 23 May 2011

Driving Mayhem!

Car Alert!

My wonderful eldest son passed his driving tests, (plural these days, with the theory and then the practical) in March and been looking ever since for a little 1.1 or 1.2 car to give him his mobile independence.

Well today is the day he found his little car, a cheep little run around, which I am sure will be his pride and joy, the only problem being the insurance is three times the cost of his car! Phew!

To try and make the insurance costs more manageable for him, we will pay it and then he'll pay us in instalments, worked out around £80 less a month for him to do it that way, plus if he forgets to pay me, I'll forget to wash his clothes, or even worse, tumble dry his jumpers and t'shirts so they are all too short for him. LOL!

Driving Mayhem!

So in honour of the occasion I have found some car themed items to show you today, if you would like a closer look at the items, please 'indicate' by clicking on the picture and 'drive' straight to the shop for the full 'MOT breakdown.'

I hope you have enjoyed your 'drive' through this lovely 'car lot'!


  1. Pass on congratulations to your son, he must be in seventh heaven.It is a wonderful feeling to drive all by self.
    Drive safely young man...
    Lovely collection perfectly goes with theme...
    Thanks for featuring my mini print.

  2. great finds natalie - congrats to your son and safe driving :)

  3. contrgulations to your son for passing his driving test. At last he will be getting his own car and you will not be chauffeuress

  4. Thanks for adding my VW coasters in your collection:)

  5. Congratulations to your son, you never forget your first car!
    Lovely choices, am especially loving Gelert Designs VW coasters.
    Flo :)

  6. There will be no stopping him now.
    Lovely car collection, thank you for including the racing car shelf. Linda

  7. well done on passing.
    great theme full of great items :o)
    {Dab and a dash.}