Sunday, 8 May 2011

LadyBird Gallery!

Ladybird Fly Away to a New Home!

I spent a lovely evening with my sister, who had her white towels out to dry in the garden, and guess who should come to inspect them, not the local 'how clean in your house' brigade, nor the boffins from the washing powder commercials, but an extremely interested and well spotted ladybird.

Why is it they are attracted to large flapping washing? Looks nothing like their usual habit, or like a large aphid to munch upon?

Anyway, this set me on the path to look for lovely crafted ladybirds on folksy to show you, and that might like to fly away to your home.

Please just click on the pictures for a closer inspection and for full details in the crafters folksy shop.

Please show these ladybirds some love, by viewing them in their natural habit of their folksy shop, and maybe leave a comment or two. Thank you.


  1. love susan's suncatcher!
    a ladybird landed on my leg today and i stood still for ages waiting for it to fly away because i was scared of hurting it!
    great blog as always natalie

  2. Fabulous theme for a blog - I love the ladybird bag!. Thank you for including my ladybird earrings.

  3. These are gorgeous. My favourite is also the suncatcher.

  4. Thank you for including my little suncatcher. Popular little fellows, aren't they?

  5. Great Blog theme on the Ladybird.

    Thank you for including my Ladybird tote bag.

    Lynda x

  6. what a great theme......loving the mirror and diomos suncatcher...

    Trish x

  7. Great selection. Love ladybirds always make me smile.
    Love the bag, the suncatcher, the earrings, hair clips....them all.
    {Dab and a dash.}

  8. Thanks so much for including my card - ladybirds have to be the nicest insects by far! Love the little hairclips but all beautiful!

    Dawn x

  9. What a lovely theme! Gorgeous shows, thank you!

  10. Fab theme Natalie. I love ladybirds! Susan's suncatcher is gorgeous