Thursday, 12 May 2011

Folksy Friday-Saturday! Seagulls!


I know peoples opinions on seagulls can be divided, but for me, the cry of the seagull immediately takes me soaring back to my childhood, evoking memories of sandy beaches, working harbours, with local fishermen hauling in their catch, of fish and chips on the pier and white and grey sentinels hanging in the air as the storm approaches.

Whether you see them as a scavenging nuisance, or an amazing creature adapting to an ever changing environment, I think we can all agree that the Folksy finds I have to show you are truly inspiring.

As ever, if you would like to see each items in fuller detail, please just click on the pictures to fly straight to the folksy shop where each of these seagulls nests.

I would like to start, if I may, with one of my own, that has already flown to a new home, it was my first attempt at a seagull in yarn and felt embroidery, and as I am very new to the embroidery craft, I was quite pleased that it turned out to resemble the creature I was aiming at.

Now for some fun, within a beautifully painted ACEO.

Gorgeous earrings to take the soaring spirit with you where ever you go.

Beautiful and useful too, a stunning leather case for your phone or latest music gadget.
A truly amazing print of an original painting!

Not only beautiful, but comfortable too no doubt.

And finally an ACEO from one of my favourite Folksy artists!

I hope you too have enjoyed my little flock of seagulls, and if so, please take a closer look at the talented artisans, artists and crafters who have created these delights for your pleasure.

Thank you!


  1. Who would have thought that the humble seagull could inspire such lovely things! That print by eastwitching is absolutely stunning, and I see your lovely seagull has already flown out of your shop, brilliant! Really nice collection :)

  2. Lovely gulls, I love them all!

  3. Thank you for including my seagull in your blog, what a wonderful selection of creations inspired by the humble (or not so humble) seagull!

    Hannelore x

  4. Hi Nat - this is great - what excellent finds! I particularly like the printed gull cushion cover, the ipod case and the little earrings! I will Tweet and stuff! Thanks for featuring me:0 Alison

  5. There was a band in the 1980's called 'A Flock of Seagulls'...Your selection are far nicer! A delight infact (-;

  6. What a gorgeous selection - all very nice in their own ways. Love the print and your image of the gull is very good - must have been, as you have sold it. Excellent.

  7. I will never take a seagull for granted again.

  8. Wow they all look fabulous. Your embroidery is amazing Natalie. Linda

  9. What gorgeous seagull goodies. Your gull is beautiful Natalie, do hope you'll be making more.

  10. Seagullls always remind me of my childhood too. down at the pebbly beach at moggs eye :-)
    Thank you for featuring my earrings amongst these lovely items. :-)